Friday, 6 May 2011

Zoya Shawn

Shawn = perfection

Am in love with this. In love!!!

2 coats, perfect and glossy...droool! Good job Zoya is like the price of gold here..or I would roll around in piles of the stuff.. never buy food again and be surrounded by pretties!

I love it!! ..I have a think for green anyway..but this is sexy!

Weekend again... woop woop!

TTFN lovelies xoxo

Monday, 2 May 2011

Not like the movies

Not like the movies

This one I have wanted for a longg time... was going to wait until my nails grew, but couldn't wait to swatch it!! Thanks again to J for getting it for me :-)

This is 3 coats, it doesn't want to photograph nicely, but I think you can see the shimmery duochrome.. yummy :-)

The nail envy is working..veerry slowly but surely.. my non swatching hand seems to be growing faster- fantastic! LOL They are slowly getting there!! Have started wearing washing up gloves for everything in a mission to preserve my nails!

Thanks for all your kind comments - you guys are migraine experts & nail experts :-) I have another migraine review later this week, hopefully changing some of my meds will help!

Have a lovely week lovelies

TTFN xoxo