Saturday, 30 January 2010

Nail art..Inspired by Love4nails

I heart this youtuber... here is my take on this fridays nail art.. LOVE4NAILS

nowhere near as decadant..but I had a good go!! my dots are little..for little nails lol I need to get a dotting tool!

Eyeko vampy nails for tips, NYC Starry silver glitter... Nailene white for dots!

I had fun doing these!! pretty simple.... happy with it for first go!
Need to add dotting tool to my to buy list!!
TTFN lovelies

Friday, 29 January 2010

easily bored with mani.....Attention: ModelsOwn 50% off sale!

So I just couldn't leave it be last night, so added Nailene pearl white on tips and put another coat NYC over the top... soft..but nice effect

Had a chance to give the Sally Hansen Purifying Hand wash a good go, really like it, I always apply cuticle oil after washing. Gives a really good clean hands feeling, lavender smell...light not sickly! All in all great, especially for 99p!!

Assuming this is a discontinued product, or something available in US. If you have a Poundland or 99p store- have a rummage, they always have tonnes of Sally Hansen goodies!

Okay so here are polishes to be tried

Beverly Hills Plum topcoat- have used, but technically not for a full mani as it was intended!

Rimmel wear maxx - fantastic deal...99p land

And..the two previously mentioned Nails inc xmas pressies- this week I will use these!!! my boyfriend keeps going.." is that one I got you...." ...err this week I will say.. Yes it is!!

Need to thank MUA nail board...and this lovely blogger

for alerting me to the fab sale @ Models Own this weekend, its 50% off, code FIFTYFIFTY. Go get em!!

After seeing all the fabulous swatches.. I had to have some, my lovely boyfriend got these for me as valentines pressie!!

Ordered : Utopia, Silver sparkles, Blue Sparkles, Disco Mix & Bubblegum!! cant wait to get them...will review and swatch em!

Anyways am feeling a little under the weather still so thats all for now

TTFN lovelies xoxo

Thursday, 28 January 2010

NYC East village...

Bit of a flop to be fair!!

This is four coats, its super super thin!! Will see how it wears.... looks nice, topped it up with two coats of super shiney after the photos.

I am re-trying an old product...SH Hard as wraps... okay so..I am not content JUST with no breaks in 5 weeks..I want gorgeous..fake looking..THICK..nails going to try this..along with my trusty nail break..and its off...

I really should just stick to one product lol...I blame makeupalley lovely nail board for making me a product junkie lol is a nice teal..but I wanted..deeper..richer..lush...and it isnt quite there!!

Currently am creating a list of China glaze polishes to get next month- never tried any, so its a bit hit and miss. Fingers crossed they are better than OPI!! Any suggestions on colours, leave a comment

Anyway...have a feeling me and East Village will be falling out of love within a day!!


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

... Quick mani

So this was meant to be a fast mani but it evolved!!

2 coats Nail envy, 1 coat SH basecoat

2 coats nailene nail pen on tips- pearl white

1 coat Snow GOSH ...nice clean but TOO NAKED!!

....later on I added....

2 coats Opal Truth Sally Hansen

Followed by CND Super Shiney...

Ultimately a sheer nudey/french bored with it already!!

it is indeed..Shiney and hard!! so far so good!! Added some rhinestones...lovinggg them!!
I am really looking for NYX heart glitter polish atm.. cheapest I can find is $11 with postage... any ideas guys?? or anyone fancy a British swapsies??
Anyway Thanks for all you guys following, will do a competition at 50 followers. All British products that cant easily be bought in US....

Monday, 25 January 2010

....the postie delivers!

I got into work today to a wee package...very exciting!!

I got

Super Shiney topcoat- CND

Beverly hills topcoat- Orly ..lush plum topcoat

Hot pink rhinestones- 100

for presents....

Minature Orly (for my bestie for valentines)

Mini Nail envy...for my mummy after me raving about it for the past 4 weeks!!

Am feeling so sick right speedy post... update with a fresh mani ASAP



Saturday, 23 January 2010

GOSH Holographic

Three coats, bit tricky to work with...but well worth the trouble!!

Just a quickie...

Got some fantastic deals today

99p store, Sally Hansen hand wash- moisturising, lavender and citrus & Maximum growth colour in Opal Truth. Was looking at getting some Sally Hansen from Cosmetics4less , thought I would try out the formula first.

Anyone share experiences with Cosmetics4less? Haven't used them before

Anyway will review the wash and colour in the week...hoping its going to go on nice!!

Off to chill and enjoy the evening!


Thursday, 21 January 2010

Everything is better with sparkles...

I just couldn't keep a plain nude my nails!! Much better!!

Am itching to do a manicure but managed to cut my keeping acetone out of it is a priority!!

Have been very bad...bought a few things, Superdrug have half off selected GOSH polishes right now, too good to miss!!

NYC- East village....drooled over this colour for a whole enough already

GOSH- Holographic...OMGGGG

GOSH- sweet.. bit opal like.. think it will rock for nail art..or a I don't have time mani!!

OMG...the GOSH just...gorgeous...cant wait to do weekend mani!

My ebay stuff is still AWOL..guess I only did order it a week ago..patience is not a virtue I possess!!
No more hauling for me for this at this rate will be a super skinny and surrounded by nail polish!!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Nude...rude nails!

Yes...they are nude...

It took me an hour to get all the glitter off!! was getting tipwear so it had to go...very sad!!

Oooo I picked up more glitter today....erk..lets hope my ebay stuff lands, will do a weeks haul!!

Tada... Nails in Basil street..very understated and grown up...(need glitter!)


Monday, 18 January 2010

Waiting for my nail looty!

Yes I still have xmas polishes I haven't used...

I love the glossy finish of nails inc...gorgeous!!

This is Basil street- perfect nude for darker skintones, Duke street- grey, lilac (more grey than OPI Lilac it) and Savoy court - ultraviolet...gorgeous!! My boyfriend got me these..all came with gorgeous charms... (oh on the end is just the Caviar top coat!)

Okay so I am eagerly waitin for a delivery of nail stuff at the moment, However am completely lusting after the OPI Alice in Wonderland stuff... I think I may have to order the miniatures!!

Trying to get hold of the Nubar glitters- blue and red...but so pricey in the UK, cheapest I found was £8.99 which is about $14!! a lot for glitters!!

ohhh...makeupalley guys have convinced to me to get the Seche Nails inc topcoat is nearly finished so..why not!! I have a CND Super Shiney on its way...I guess I better give it a go first!!

Hoping my ebay stuff comes by the end of the week.... I feel some haulage coming on tomorrow..on the hunt for the Claire's megaglitter polishes..not sure if they even do it here..gonna have a wee look tomorrow

Anyways...TTFN fellow nail junkies


Saturday, 16 January 2010

Glitter needed...

Some much needed glitter to raise my spirits!!

Eyeko Vampy nails- dark navy

NCY Starry Glitter

...may need another coat of glitter...or three!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Nailene Pearly white mani pen

Pearly White mancicure pen - could do with another coat, but very easy to apply. Quick clean mani for sure!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Reverse french mani Lilac

1st entry of many manicures!

OPI Like it Lilac

Generic French mani White (elegant touch)

Nails Inc/Kensington top coat

(excuse the messy eager to photograph!)