Friday, 26 February 2010

Chg Fairy dust.......

Okay so you said it..... was........



Love gorgeous ... I just used the last of my OPI nail envy..literally tipped it upside down...nada!! so this mani is staying put till I get my Nail tek... which is currently being held hostage by royal mail... doh!

Hoping the china glaze keeps it well sealed... this is avon twilight dry...dried super fast and glossy..lush by itself!!

... I am being led to distraction by all the lovely gals on my wishlist is growing fast!!


TTFN lovelies

Thursday, 25 February 2010

OPI la paz. MATTE...naked nails and swaps..oh my!!

Yes yes a few things today lol I am a bit excuse me!!
Yesterdays mani la paz lovely but hard to I ended up topcoating it..LOVE the colour..but hmm..something about OPI and me...I love nails dont lol my thumb is a chiptastic mess..already....

WARNING - Naked nail ALERT!!

Okay so this is 2 weeks of biotin and wow am I one happy lady.... yes... be warned..NAKED..nails.....eeeeeek

Now that ordeal is over.. I got my first swap package under a week..and WOW was super gorgeous and generous. So happy, thank you J!!


we have striper, two mini sally hansen, 5 sinful colours(Mint apple, Secret admirer, sugar daddy, see you soon and out of this world!)...some cola..cute and an eye pencil.. LUSH... after a day of migraine..passing out several times and feeling sick as a dog..this has made me sooo happy!!!

weee..anyway I am gonna chill, relax and excited!! Will have to play with all my goodies over the watch this space!!

TTFN lovelies


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Stellar... smooth glitter=win!

The most...ridiculous glitter...omg I am in love!

best thing grit!! yahoo! 2 coats of nyc fast dry topcoat and its all good

So gorgeous..glitter, yet nudey... ooooooo... Application was a stupid fat OPI brush lol.. Ooo I think I like china glaze!!!

so happy with this one, and for £1.87...bargain!!

I am now on a no buy until err mid-March.. I have plenty of new ones to be getting on with plus am awaiting a few some more on their way! ..remind me.. I am on a no buy.. I do not need any polish..!!

My beloved nail envy is nearly finished... I am debating trying Nailtek Maintenance- any words of wisdom would be great.. I am not feeling like forking out £10 on another nail envy right now.. I have to tilt it like mad to get two coats out lol.. I haven't had a single break with nail envy ...perhaps I should stick to it?! Help!!!


TTFN hunnies

Monday, 22 February 2010

My first....China glaze

And a few

Colour Club Explosive - my colleagues say this is like Colman's

Chg Stellar
Chg Fairy dust...OMG..I am in love!!

OPI La Paz Matte
ooo And some Avon bits

Fast drying Twilight blue, Grow potion & Cuticle balm..these were all half price!
Sooo excited, its like xmas came early lol cant wait to try looks incredible!
Biotin is going well so far, hair seems better, skin clear(even some improvement in scars..)...and nails growing like little weeds..well worth the £8!!

Just a quickie post as I really must get back to studying..... will post a fresh mani soon

TTFN lovelies

Sunday, 21 February 2010

my first try at water marble nails....eek!

I keep seeing all these gorgeous marble designs on enough was enough lol

Used this fantastic video for really was as easy as it looked..once I got the water temp right!! not the freezing temps in my kitchen!! Cheers Audrey...fantastic vids
Colours are - GOSH Snow, Nails inc Savoy court, Nails inc Duke street, Rimmel Celebrity bash & OPI Do you lilac it
yay really pleased with it...the rimmel made for the super deep colour.. some nails I used more white.. play about with the colours..clean up was a wee bit messy, used Vaseline..sure after a hot shower will all be 100% clean

I am currently trying out Cutex nail polish remover- the nourishing one with whitening formula..the tips do seem whiter..going to keep using my 100ml bottle then post the results..yes...naked nails...aaah!

Currently waiting on my first..yess first China glaze from evilbay..and some swappy bits...all VERY exciting!!

Will pic n post when they land in the UK :)

TTFN lovelies


Friday, 19 February 2010

Marks and spencer.....neon!

Okay excuse the pre cleanup... but I had to capture this loveeely

I had a £5 marks thought I would check out their new polishes..wowww..they have loads of gorgeous colours and mini sets of pastel polishes - in two colour ways... Mint green, pastel purples and then a brights/neon box.... these are £5..the colours full size are £2.50!! Deal..cheaper than BarryM!!

Maybe could be amped up with another coat..I think yellows are always tricky with formulation
Anyway...check out your marks n may be surprised!!

ooo..and they have a load of hand balms... lemon and.... cocoa if I remember correctly.. £3.50 a pot..definitely want to give these a whirl

TTFN lovelies

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Okay so I fancied the whole sponging idea.. I got a sack of foundation sponges...and...tada!!!

OPI -Do you lilac it & Nails inc Savoy ct on the ends
Subtle..but I like err so much for me being good and keeping the mani on all week....never gonna happen!!

Biotin is going well, taking 3000 a day, they feel harder for its all good!!
I am in the process of various swaps etc soon as I get some packages and evilbay bits..I shall post/swatch
Ooooh thanks to all followers..10 more to go and you lovelies will be getting a comp! UK goodies galore!

TTFN xoxo

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Bored mani!.... Grey french w/glitter!

BarryM Grey + NYC Starry silver glitter
Simple..yet effective.. I have been going colour mad lately...its nice to see my nail beds lol

Anyway day 2 of the biotin, you can clearly see the starting length here! they look so small!!

Aah anyway this feels clean, chic and simple.. loves it!!!
I need to get away from MUA list of lemmings is growing soooo long

Time for a bath n some pampering!!!
TTFN Lovelies xoxo

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Green as envy...starry nail art!

For this used Claire's name on these, Revlon glimmer gloss and these little star sequins....cute!

Love the colour...this is what I wanted the NYC to be..but it was thin and watery..this is super pigmented... love the shimmery fine glitter in the revlon!

Overall fun and simple nail art!
Finally tried cuticle remover..indeed easy and gentle..not sure it did anything though to be fair LOL

OMG... saw some super cute clear mini crates, click to seal, found them in Rymans(stationary shop)..hmm..thinking ideal storage... my bf would not let me purchase lol I may have to get these next weekend!!
Nearly forgot lol Got some biotin 1000, going to take twice a day. Although I have had no breaks now since 2009 I really would like to get some length!! Will update with how the biotin is working!

TTFN lovelies xxxxx

Friday, 12 February 2010

...Poundland score...and Bargain bucket..Urban decay Cult!

Okay so... I noticed poundland changing their nail display.. I knew something new was lurking in there..this fab nail art kit...okay so..chuck the file lol..but there are sequins, pearls, rhinestones, little hearts, stars...all for quid!! ... I feel an OTT mani coming on this I have a full weekend of studying ahead...but.. I will have a break for a mani and So you think you can dance..essentials!!

I am a complete youtube junkie.. After watching Misschevious and her perfect mani vid... I decided its time to try Cuticle remover... looks gentle enough, got Elegant Touch moisturising cuticle remover...wish me luck!!

Ooo the beautiful polishes... Superdrug had a bargain bucket.. eyeko and urban decay...nothing much yelling out to me... anyway got this one, got home to find "Cult" is a discontinued it for £1 ..a bargain!! ..tbh after looking at swatches I am not too sure I like the look of it on..may pass it on... drop me a line if you would like it!

The yummy polishes are Claire's, two creme...a neon orange and one sparkle full of stars... we dont get the glitters(wah!!)..but they do seem to have new colours and some neons in..yay!! lol I got some free buffers too lol ...some of these are

Anyway going to try out some new colours and nail art over the next week...

TTFN lovelies xoxox

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

...yes I know its not V day yet.. Avon Ruby Slippers

I know I know...this is a valentines pressie... Avon Ruby Slippers .. excuse the messy mani.. I dunno..this was so freakin hard to I never have trouble normally!!

I like it...but it isn't completely opaque..this is 3 coats..some nails have 4...and still you can see nail tip..apart from that its very pretty, glossy and hard as nails!!

and... a very sweet friend at work got me this Revlon Glimmer gloss in blueberry its Big 3 Free, an American looks gorgeous..sparkly and blue is always a winner in my books!!

Put in my monthly ebay order...trying my first China glaze...yeehah..ordered the Calcium gel and Stellar..swatches sold me!!

... I really do need to study tonight...and not nail polish window TTFN!!