Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Taking a short break!

Taking a short break lovelies
Dealing with some stuff atm , so gonna take a bit of time & figure things out(money tree perhaps??)
Know its gonna be a rocky few years here in the UK, Hang on in there anyone dealing with tough times right now. It can only get better!
Be back very soon!
TTFN lovelies

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Purple cherry....

Purple Cherry, perfect name...

Glorious colour... Autumn seems like the perfect time for these colours :-)

2 Coats topped with seche

Applied easily and super glossy , love love this brand - wish they would come to the UK!!

I am currently taking Biotin & Hair, Nails & Skin vitamins, just started with the latter, so hopefully my nails will improve, they aren't breaking but just not as good as they have been!! - of course I also want to grow my tresses.. so it all goes hand in hand!

TTFN lovelies


Hot and Not....

Yes its that time again for the week....


Holiday from work..didn't go anywhere but it was sooo lovely just to relax... (back to the office in the morning..boo)

Snoods ... I love my snood... think I might need a thicker one mind!!

Hair Powders...loving Amla and Cassia (neutral henna) at the moment...so amazing..Its worth the mixing/sitting about with mud on my head for two hours!

Aussie Haircare... hair is becoming a bit of a second love for me at the moment, adoring Aussie Moist and 3 minute Miracle... Gorgeousness!

Getting the teapot on..deffo teapot weather!

Gettin back in the gym..so nice after my flare up..feels fantastic!!

Hair accessories.. other half got me some little leather roses on hair pins in the week...soo cute.. lusting after giant bows.. chunky headbands and all sorts of hair sticks...droolie


The cold snap here... brrr... I have taken to wrappping up like I am off to Antarctica when I get home! sooo chilly

Pushy doctors... No means No!!

Tights.. I am resisting wearing tights at the moment, but don't think that will last too much longer...they are always a pain in the rear!!

Primarni... yes.. I said it.. Primark was a huge disappointment in the week... was so gutted, my poor fiance had to deal with my moping for an hour -All a girl wanted was some nice oversize jumpers.!!

Dark mornings... brrr..pitch black at 6.30am....dosent make me want to run off to the gym!!

TTFN lovelies


Friday, 22 October 2010

nail mail!

Wee ... Nail mail..my favourite thing!!( well one of them!)

These little lovelies came from Germany today, Thanks so much K , super generous :-)

Colour & go
Just Rock it
Choose me (the...Charla -ish one!)
Glisten up - gorgeous aqua blue with blue flakies and fine silver glitter


Fivepocket grey
Forever mine
I love my jeans

Matte topcoat

XXL Shine
Purple Cherry

Wee all so gorgeous!! Always lovely getting nail mail..especially stuff we cant get in the UK :-)

Cant wait to get swatching

TTFN lovelies


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Unnamed franken

Here are some quick swatches of my un-named franken... leave name suggestions below :-)

1 heavy handed coat over ASOS Alexa (dark creme navy)

So blingy its unreal!!

This started as Rockstar overdose - purple & blue fine glitter

Added in loose gold glitter & red glitter

Gave it a good shaking up before slowly adding in just enough Models own Silver Spangle - flat sequin silver glitter

Since I am on a bit of a no buy...I am having to franken to amuse myself lol Any nail art requests or other post requests go for it!!

TTFN lovelies xoxox

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Just a sneak peak... franken

A sneaky peak... sparkle-tastic franken :-)

swatches soon (I may need acetone for removal first!!)


Monday, 18 October 2010

Pure Ice TEASE...over Megan

ASOS Megan topped with Pure Ice TEASE... gives a gorgeous deep fuchsia hint as well as a blue shimmer! I love Pure Ice.. can completely make over any colour (Not that Megan needed any!)

This is 1 coat, topped with another coat of Seche( excuse the pre-cleanup!)

My untried box is slowly whittling away... so may be time for frankens or a bit of nail art, any suggestions post them below.. I am trying to be good now until xmas ..no buying :-)

TTFN lovelies


Icing Blackout

My first Icing polish, I got this a wee while ago however I knew I would find it wayy too distracting whilst studying!! lol

This is two coats... it was very weird in formula... gloopy yet very thin... weird.. maybe I need to thin it out... hmm.. 6 good shakes and the second coat behaved slightly better!! Seche fixes everything!

Lovely, exactly what I expected.. cant go wrong with this one! Maybe a 3rd coat would make it more black... the holo glitter is fantastic and very fine, completely smooth!

I also got with it Icing Glamorous which is basically the same as Chg Fairy dust...holo suspended in clear always a must for frankens :-)

Anyhoo lovelies, am slowly catching up on all the naily news.... now lemming Barielle, amongst others lol .....gonna search out BarryM Crackle tomorrow....doesn't appeal to me but sure it would make for a good giveaway, fingers crossed they have stock left!!

TTFN lovelies


Sunday, 17 October 2010

ASOS Paints Megan

Yes I am a creme - a -holic

This is a lovely purple creme, reminds me a lot of the WnW creme's .. perfect in 2 coats, topped with seche :-)

Cant go wrong with this one, and for £1 ...cant beat it!! Wonder if ASOS are bringing out more of these ...or they are going for good ..hmm

Like the packaging on these, very cute!! Have yet to try any ciate main line.... the formula on these is cracking, glossy and quick drying

Am getting back into the swing of things atm, have a few days relax time so no doubt polish play will be on the cards :-)

TTFN lovelies xoxox

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Hot and NOT

Been a while since I have done one of these, seemed the perfect time! Finally free for 4 months, no uni..no studying, hurrah!


Uni Holidays..weee.. lots of reading, napping and tidying(oh and working!) :)

My Helmer.. is finally coming in December, yahoooo!

Making up packages ... so fun... love making up packages, its nearly as good as receiving :)

Sookie Stackhouse books..loving them, need to get the 2nd & 3rd one!!

Wintery clothes... snoods and pashmina's and gloves ..loovely!

LUSH ..Yes I know always HOT in my mind..but the new xmas goodies, our store reopens next week cant wait :-)

Ayurveda........ hair powders and other lovely Indian hair goodies.. loving Amla powder right now... fab deep conditioner, meant to promote growth, dark shiny hair and curls..what more could a woman want!! going to attempt a henna next week (wish me luck!)


Torrential rain... now the temperature is about right for me 14-16 ..but getting soaking wet after spending hours doing my hair..boo!

Christmas looming... dreading it..in fact.. it doesn't exist until at least 1st December!

EON electricity provider.. RIP OFF!!!! - I will be keeping the heating off this winter!

Holiday collections.. *closing eyes* .. cant get my mitts on them..but I cant resist clicking to look at them!! lol

My hairdryer..the dryer of dread..its falling apart.. don't think I can brave using it anymore for the fear of electrocuting myself... Time to get a new one!!

That's all for now lovelies.. will be posting the ASOS paints over the weekend

TTFN xoxox

Friday, 15 October 2010

Mood changing...Grey

Now this one I wanted forever, so chuffed to have it in my collection

This is 2 coats topped with seche - so far it is wearing better than the others- ie. more than 12 hours wear!! it is a little cracked now...but can easily last until tomorrow!

I never tire of mood polish... bit of a big kid at heart!

Playing with my untrieds..in the attempt of diverting my eyes from the unattainable holiday collections & burlesque!!... So here you go.. Claire's Grey mood polish..and oldie but a goodie!

TTFN lovelies


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Eyeko Indigo

Eyeko Indigo.... My first Eyeko..why it took me so long I do NOT know! Check out the new releases here

The shimmer on this is gorgeous, it has little sparkles if you look closely - microglitter I suppose you could call them. This is 2 coats topped with seche!

Bagged this little lovely in the asos sale, £1.25..deal! They retail at £3.50 (or £3 on asos) - Am definitely going to have to get Military next(Vampira is on the list too!)!!

I love love the packaging.. its just the right size... so cute :-) ..deffo an improvement from the old teeny ones we used to get in Superdrug!

Oh yes and what everyone says is true..they really do apply themselves - well nearly!!

Just a quickie post!

TTFN lovelies xoxoxo

Monday, 11 October 2010

...Two quick frankens ...sneaky peak!

Just a sneaky peak!!

More later

TTFN xoxoxo

Sunday, 10 October 2010

My post exam pressies...

Yes I know.. I need to sit it first..lol ...trying to distract myself to avoid big time freaking out!!

Anyoo these little lovelies are my reward tomorrow evening - ASOS Paints (left to right) Alexa, Kate & Megan... dare I say it Kate looks identical to BarryM grey..so I may gift it away (as I have BarryM grey & Recycle!!) Also my first wee Eyeko..Indigo :-) ..drooling over Military atm.. on my to get list!

All these were £1 each!! score!

...Swatches will follow during the next week

Back to work!

TTFN lovies xxxx

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Morbid (WnW)

Yes I know... so much for studying, so tired today I actually fell asleep at the library!! How embarrassing... came home for a nap.. feeling a bit better now

Staying under the duvet, doing nails for the week and a bit of light reading... trying not to panic till err..tomorrow!!

Anyways... Wet and Wild as you know is one of my favourites..This one as always went on fantastically, 2 coats..really nice ...secret shimmer... looks exactly how it does in the bottle, Thumbs up!!

Gorgeous darkened green... shimmer, obviously green dosent look black in any light - really lovely!!

Anyways TTFN lovies


Monday, 4 October 2010

Milani dressmaker

This was a complete surprise from a sweet MUAer - I also got the Jordana version thanks to darling J ..so I was spoilt with my Jade dupes!! Quick and dirty swatching...did I mention I am a bit manic atm!! LOL

I was not feeling this at first, but people at work were swooning all over it, so I decided its growing on me :-)

2 coats + seche ... 24 hours and its already wrecked..but I think that's my typing/cleaning/chewing my nails/doing my hair...NOT the formula!!

This is my first Milani..I absolutely love some of the nudes they recently released..magicmaid made them look yummy!

Gorgeous, definitely be pulling this one out in Spring...it doesn't seem very seasonal!

Time for bed!!

TTFN lovelies xxxx

a quickie...

Another quickie.. I probably shouldn't use that term!! lol

I am embarking on a bit of a wee photo project after my exams.. Autumn seems to the perfect time.. hmm hoping to capture a lot of outside as well as of course..girly loveliness... jewellery..purchases and friends(and my old man if I can convince him!!).. anyoo its A cup of tea hopefully will be getting some updating shortly!!

Cant wait to be back to polish land!!

Will have next week for you swatches of the following

ASOS Paints Alex, Megan, Kate & Eyeko Indigo...

TTFN lovies xoxox

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Just a quickie.. Sales & offers

Hey lovelies

Still up to the eyeballs with revision, 1 week(+1 day) until exam day...eeek!.. Having a bit of a rest today, bit of Buffy, tweeting... and a past paper this afternoon for good measure! - If any of you have any revision tips for Law I would be soooo grateful!!

Anyhoo... ASOS Sale atm.. they have ASOS Paints @ ciate for £1, as well as some Essie for £2 and a selection of Models own marked down to £3 a bottle, oo and some Eyeko for a bargain £1.25 - Really is too good to miss with free postage!!

Also Marie Claire has Ciate paint pots free with this months issue - Two colours are available - a red & a vampy wine colour.. I only saw the red, deffo a good way to try Ciate, for £3.50 for the magazine its a steal! They are normally £7-9 a bottle :-)

Hope that helps you guys get some bargains

Will be back to scheduled posting next Tuesday!!

TTFN lovelies xxxxx