Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Nothing cheers me mystery packages!

yayay this made me sooo happy!!

My favs...altho saying this I loveee them all..
Light Strobe

Green ocean

Mango Madness

Insanely gorgeeeous

Thank you so much J... I feel a mani in my future.....please ignore my old mani, its GOSH Holographic lol..

Ooo so much new nail art stuff to play with, I have a super long easter lots of time for nail this space!!

TTFN hunnies


Sunday, 28 March 2010

Do not drink and crystal file...or worse..clippers! NOTD Blue moon

Blue moon, wet n the shimmer, applied well and dried super fast...hoping it is okay with Seche vite!! so far so good!! after some wine I decided..I am done with long nails..yeah gonna clip em off! boyfriend.."they are your pride and joy"... I know what I am clip clip clip...crystal file lol..ttaadaa..nubbins! To be fair they are still well over the tip..and super I know they will grow back super fast..kinda like them!! they growing on me LOL

Guess what...still no mail... I have a conspiracy the mail man has taken the captive..if I spot him with glittery nails I will know this is true!! Fingers crossed some packages land tomorrow!!

Cosmetics4less have some Prisms, sally hansen back in stock...I soooo want one lol...going to resist!!

Anyhoooo... TTFN


Saturday, 27 March 2010

this time Matte is staying MATTE .. La -Paz OPI

I am keeping this Matte, going to see if it can last 24 hours.. I adore the look, so am going to road test it!! I will post the chippy damage!! ...touch wood it can stay on.. La Paz is meant to wear slightly better than the other this gives me hope

Have noticed some MUA guys have been using Matte topcoats etc.. I may invest in the Essie one.. Claire's here do not stock one..or much other cool stuff lol

You may notice I have taken my nails down a tad... omg.. is there a trick to the crystal file?? 25 minutes of filing and loose about 2mm lol it was hard work, but I didn't want to clip them they are slightly shorter..I may do a drastic cut soon...eeeek!!

I will be collecting bits up for contest for the next fortnight - any suggestions would be most welcome.. am currently thinking

Hand treatments

Marks and Spencer polish

Anyway TTFN xoxo

Playing with new dotting tools....

Okay so I was so excited wanted to try these out...good but a bit tricky at first LOL I think I was better with toothpick..anyhoo..

a/ french with dots in Rimmel Celebrity bash
b/ Dots over High society mani..NYC Skin tight denim

cute..but..not quite right lol..going to play with colour combinations and practise my dotting skills!!

TTFN xxxx

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Chg Heli -yum ... is yum indeed!!!

No words, this is creme raspberry on a spring day...oooo I love it!!

Did I mention I am waiting on various packages... I now have 2 of 8...everyday I look with baited breath lol am hoping some goodies land tomorrow, I could use some serious cheering up!!

I am starting to love china glaze..great application, perfect in 2 coats..this could of nearly been a one luscious!!!!

TTFN lovelies xoxo

50 followers..hurrah!

well actually chuffed, thank you all so much
I had better get things together for competition...
Am thinking British only polishes..maybe a little Marks and Spencers stuff..oooo
Thanks so much guys, More NOTD posts veryyyy soon!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Finally High society... Loveee..and other order goodies!

Finally got High this is sooo gorgeous... I love it
Also got in my package Chg Hey-lium and Flying High...look gorgeous..wee... a bargain for £1.87 each, yay!!

I knew the High society was lush but it applied like a dream, never used CC yet..really nice formula, easy and nice brush for my little nails!Topped with NYC topcoat... as good as seche- shrinkage/crumpling.. the seche effect lol

Anyways TTFN xoxo

pppst. More to come... waiting for dotting tools to arrive :-)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Nails Inc Duke st

Nails inc..... Duke st... why its taken me 3 months to use it for a full mani I do not know
Gorgeous, glossy, lilac shot with dusky grey
R xoxoxo

I love vouchers...and I love No. 7 Totally Teal

Boots are currently doing an offer, spend £5 get a £5 voucher for No. 7 and Ruby&Millie!

I had to pickup this little lovely, and for only £1.25 ...even better!!
Very Pigmented, very thick formula.. nice and glossy..Really like it, but would not pay the regular price £6.25!! Would rather have two BarryM lol

Anyway I dropped into Claires..always hoping the rubbish nail polish will have been replaced with US stock..Errr was still rubbish lol But I did spot a crystal picked this up!! £2 ..yes yeS... I love my sandpaper emery...and apparently so do my nails..but I am going to give this file a good try lol...MUA Nailboard.. I am confessing ..and will reform myself..all free sandpaper files from Claires have been hidden up lol

Did a whole lot of shopping for .. I did find out..Nails inc is cheaper at Boots than the Nails inc counter...unfortunately this was after my purchases..doh! Definitely check it out... I adore their top coat!! Talking of and Seche vite are going well...its thick, shiny... I think mine may be gloopifying itself... am going to Sally's at will check out some thinner!

I took a few days break from the Biotin and my hair started shedding.. I will NOT be stopping it again lol I am going on a bit of a mad diet the next 4 weeks, so I am going to take extra care with nails..really hope they don't suffer and start breaking..I would be devastated!!! Perhaps I will file them down a touch before starting...hmm..
Anyways guys... That's all for now. Tallyho!

R x

Friday, 19 March 2010

NYC Skin Tight Denim.....

Super rich deep colour with a little shimmer... but basically very similar to the Avon.....
Still loving it after being in sheer pink for the past two days!! Wont do that again
Off shopping for swapsies... may well post some bits later, without revealing whats for who lol
TTFN xoxox

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sally Hansen Maixmum growth plus + naked nails update

Profoundly Pink Maximum growth .... subtle, plain.... discreet....not my thang lol

Update on nail growth... pretty good and no stains considering I havent used NQ now for 2 weeks!

Have loads of uploading to catch up on so watch this space!!

TTFN xoxo