Saturday, 12 February 2011


Offline now for a couple weeks....

Be on tweety permitting!

Moving atm!...really am going surrounded by boxes..using the last of the net before they cut it off..ha!! talk about addicted to internet!! Be back soon!

TTFN lovelies


U must have this

Just time for one last little one before my net goes ....zap! lol

H & M - U must have this

Funny name, and once I saw it..that was it, I tried to put it down twice lol..did a lap round the shoes..and came back for it!!

This is two coats, could of been one ... the formula on these is very thick - I never learn - MUST be thinned first. Next time I will do this!!

Combination of thickness and the new packaging - bulky tops..awkward to hold made it all a bit arty pics it Next time will thin it up.. hopefully will help!! Is a gorgeous colour though! - hope it isn't too out there for the Mil in the morning! ha! lol

TTFN lovelies xoxo

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Red my fortune Cookie

So.... this one I have been wanting sooo long..finally I took the dive..ordered it from ebay..cost me around $4.99.. pretty damn good!

I don't have many OPI so I forgot how tricky the big brush is ...ha.. so messy!! I found it very hard to control..but it was worth the colour is gorgeous!!

This is 2 coats, topped with seche.. excuse the random shrinkage on two fingers.. I should of used the fresh bottle of seche ... (me being tight and wanting to finish the dregs up in my old bottle!! doh!)

I have a love from creme polish...and this is..on the cusp...nearly not.. nearly jelly.. but deffo creme..gorgeous!!

I have so many lemmings its unreal right now..but my NP has outgrown its home..till I sort out my helmer .. yes I have been trying to sort it for a year..LOL I really shouldn't buy anymore lol ... I have a feeling the fiance's daughter may help me in purging some nail polish out next week mind!!

I got a few little bits from ebay... Seche...essential.. This little beauty.. Starboard and First Mate..those will be coming up shortly :-)

TTFN lovelies xoxox

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Avon Red Velvet

2 coats Avon matte line Half price £3

Wear is pretty good - Only took the other one off to swatch this, it had a little tipwear but that was all,so pretty impressive - comparable wear to OPI Matte. I did use Orly Bonder - Which I adore now!

Love the finish on these, the shimmer is so nice.. did 2 coats on this one, only because of the colour - they are super pigmented and smooth. Lovely formula!

Having a bit of a stint of Matte & low maintenance polish atm.. am on the dregs of my seche vite... ordered a new one but its taking its time to turn up!! ..I haven't got the patience to wait for anything to dry anymore! SV has spoilt me!!

May tart this mani up with glitter in a day or two... hopefully have a little nailmail from evilbay to share in the week

Going to try to post lots and lots this week as will be offline for a bit after that (boo!) - will make up for it on my return with bumper swatches!

TTFN lovelies xoxo

Friday, 4 February 2011

Avon Violetta

Avon Violetta - part of the matte line - currently half price £3 (the clearance book may have been calling my name.. £2

Lovely little shimmer, this is 1 coat

Dries nearly instantly.. easy peasy! Perfect bed time mani!!

Now.. a good friend said to me yesterday to nubbinise my nails before moving..I should of listened!!!... after breaking 3.. I gave in and cut them down! sad!

Tis wayy past my bedtime.. just a quick mani!

TTFN lovelies xoxo

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Pink Flamingo gets crackled!

BarryM Pink Flamingo & BarryM Nail effects

Yums! ... yes its a messy mess.. (I apologise!)

These crackle mani's are fast, easy and rock hard!! Which is a bonus for reinforcing my nails right now lol - washing 101 piles of clothes and proving evil on my nails!!

I have decided that ... THIS blog (too gorgeous for words.. All you Desire.. is her perfect Nails & Stash!!!) .... Is my number one lemming monster..and I now am drooling over Justin Bieber polish..there I said it.. oh deary off to hide in shame! lol

TTFN lovelies xoxoxo

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Violetta with BarryM crackle (fast & dirty)

Fast & dirty swatch .......1 coat of Violetta- this is super pigmented, with 1 very thick layer of BarryM nail effects over the top - I allowed it to dry for maybe 1 minute. It is meant to be a fast drying formula polish

The crackle appeared fast - Topped with seche vite

Still unsure if I like the look or not...will be trying it out some more, obviously need to cleanup this mani!! Its a bit messier than expected LOL

Thick coat with no overlapping - the pinkie gave the best result...

My nails are a bit of a wreck atm.....unsure if its the new medication ..but they have gone to ****! Think I am going to have to get back to the old faithful OPI Nail envy! - unless of course you guys have any other suggestions for nail treatments??

My Avon delivery landed at work...had forgotten..doh! Matte polishes - Violetta (lol) & Red velvet! Those will be coming up shortly

TTFN lovelies xoxox