Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Red my fortune Cookie

So.... this one I have been wanting sooo long..finally I took the dive..ordered it from ebay..cost me around $4.99.. pretty damn good!

I don't have many OPI so I forgot how tricky the big brush is ...ha.. so messy!! I found it very hard to control..but it was worth it...man the colour is gorgeous!!

This is 2 coats, topped with seche.. excuse the random shrinkage on two fingers.. I should of used the fresh bottle of seche ... (me being tight and wanting to finish the dregs up in my old bottle!! doh!)

I have a love from creme polish...and this is..on the cusp...nearly not.. nearly jelly.. but deffo creme..gorgeous!!

I have so many lemmings its unreal right now..but my NP has outgrown its home..till I sort out my helmer .. yes I have been trying to sort it for a year..LOL I really shouldn't buy anymore lol ... I have a feeling the fiance's daughter may help me in purging some nail polish out next week mind!!

I got a few little bits from ebay... Seche...essential.. This little beauty.. Starboard and First Mate..those will be coming up shortly :-)

TTFN lovelies xoxox

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