Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Vintage Vixen giveaway over at Nail Talez & More

yes that's right...

The whole Vintage Vixen collection...how generous is that.... click here to enter

Mint Fusion... W n W ... I heart you

This is like Dressmaker on acid..

Limey green with that shimmer... Mmmm.. I love green.. this kicks butt!!

Wee finally my nails are starting to grow back :-) so pleased!! .. am still on 95% liquid diet..so hoping slowly they will come back as I can get some nutrients :-)

I have a whole lot of new lot of Wet and Wild to swatch... both this type and the Craze ones.. Morbid was just calling out to be worn, but gonna save it for the weekend!! .. have swatched all of them on nail wheels.. must get some snaps done ASAP!!

I am looking to get my BFF some polish for her bday.. any recommendations guys??? She is pro bellydancer..so blingy perhaps..something cool for performances..was thinking some holo's ..I am lacking in those, so not too sure which ones are uber holo.. helps! :-)

My nail obsession is starting to get to my work colleagues... got talking base coats, buffers and on trend colours today...LOL Spread the polish love!

Anyhoo that's all for now lovelies

TTFN xoxox

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Quickie In's & OUT's

This weeks IN's and OUT's


Bank holiday weekend... yahooo...3 day weekend...love it!!

Lift Lemon tea... aaah.. cheap and refreshing!

Nailmail ...wee.. I was showered with nailmail this week, 3 boxes full, so so grateful, thank you J especially!

Frankens.. I think I have got the franken bug again, glitter removal is a breeze with felt..this makes me want to make loads and loads of frankens! ...I need to find a source for empty bottles!!

Hello Hydration Conditioner...Mmm Coconutty hair...yum yum! Makes my curls so defined, loving it..especially for £1!! (Poundland!!)

Autumnal clothing... kind of enjoying wearing long long boots, blazers..scarves etc.... British Summertime has it perks!!

LUSH New Shampoo bar ... I likes it.. its spicy.. smells like Chai..cinnamon, clove oil..Mmm.. is meant to Stimulate new growth..ideal for my hair growing challenge!! (as if nail obsession isn't enough!!)

Gingernut fingers... Gingernut biscuits in ginger form.. fab...one of the only things I can eat..yummy!

Returning to work Tuesday ...the busiest working day of the year.. I cant say I am looking forward to it!.. I wont get a pee, cuppa tea..or anything else all day!!

Christmas.. yes.. people keep giving me a countdown.. give us a break.. come back in November!!

Overpriced Organic baby puree.. yes its handy.. but 93p a sachet.. erk!!

Spartacus ... cant believe its over.. now what am I meant to drool over on a Sunday night!!! We need more!!!

Unattainable Winter collections... annoying.. I want Zoya.. but.. not for the crazy prices here!! Give us international shopping already!!

Inbetweeny sizes... thanks to being ill for the past 6 weeks I am now inbetween sizes.. I need them to make odd number sizes LOL ... for now I put up with risking my work skirt falling down at any moment!

That's all for now loveies.. have a lovely bank holiday to fellow Brits



Grape fusion...

Here it is.... Tadaa .. you will have to excuse fast and furious swatch..(I'm having a sleepy sunday!)

In dim light, its vampy with a hint of glitter.. outside..its wayy more blingy.. a thunderstorm is brewing, so these were the best snaps I could get!!

Either way you can see how beautiful this is... mm

Going to make another for a friend today... love love the look of the glitter suspended in aubergine jelly ..mmm

Recipe on previous post , just a quickie..

TTFN lovelies xoxoxox

Saturday, 28 August 2010

a sneaky franken peak...

new creation.. Grape fusion

Take one Lippman inspired franken
a few drops Essie Lollipop
plenty of NYC ...glitter (starry)
Various holo glitter topcoats



Tadaaa(click to see the sparkles)

Swatches coming soon...

TTFN xoxox

Seasonal Peach

Seasonal Peach... believe this is from Sugarsweet

My first MAC polish....and I somehow don't think it will be my last either!! I love the bottle..its so sexy :-) Thanks J

I adore this colour, was love from first swatch!! lol so chuffed to have it in my stash :-)

Went a bit snap happy... just wanted to capture how sweet, creamy and dreamy it is!! This was 2 coats over 1 coat white - I heard a lot about the application so opted for some nail "underwear"!! Topped with seche (also a gift..mwah!) ...ooo I adore this colour!!

Enough gushing.. lol I'll let the MAC do the talking

TTFN lovelies.. hope your having a sweet Saturday night


... More nailmail..

Now I saw my postie start ramming this one through the door.. I jumped up and swung open the door!! lol being seen in my turby towel was better than crushed polish!!

Wee.. so exciting, was an MUA swap, as I didnt have any Icing this lovely NB'er offered to send me some.. wowsers.. they are so lush...and..OMG..Dressmaker!!! woohoo!

See how sparkly the Icing polish is...mmm (Blackout & Glamorous) ..nom nom :-)

Wee..my first Hot Topic.. I have gone a bit potty for hex glitter...so... Mmm cant wait to try this one, think its gonna get layered over that new Sinful.. Pink.. its an insane neon pink... think that will look hot!!

I need to tidy up now.. wee.. nothing nicer than rows of lovely new bottles :-) I have been a lucky gal this week

Any requests for swatches let me know, cant decide which to try!!



Friday, 27 August 2010

Nail mail...bumper nail mail!!

Been super duper busy what with studying, hospital trips..bla bla bla.. Was chuffed to get some lovely nail mail :-)

Now I mean nail mail.... some serious nail mail... I am super chuffed, thank you so much J ...mwah!! :-*

OPI Wing it... OMG.. such beautiful orange shimmer.. I could look at the dreamy bottle all day long!!

Pure Ice Army.. so so beautiful!!! (Not in order) Gold mist, Purple Reign, Rio,Tease, Fast Lane(not pictured), Heartbreaker & New Lilac

WnW army... weee... I heart Wet N Wild

....WnW Craze's

Sinful Colours

Some other lovelies... Droooolie

..That green.. Jordana Mint Candy (aka Dressmaker)

Zoya meadow (postman chipped the bottle, but the polish is fine, phew!!)

MAC Seasonal Peach... been in Love with it since I saw swatches... I think it will be worth the formula problems..only time will tell!!

All wrapped in lovely felt...hurrah!! (you don't know how happy a big stack of felt makes me!)

..More coming this way and swatches :-) .. I am having 1 day off studying ...cant wait!!

Have a gorgeous weekend, and bank holiday weekend UK lovelies...woohoo 3 day weekend :-)



Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Inspired by Lippman.... franken

So... since I am not in the US..I decided to franken up something Lippman-esque... now I did this a couple weeks ago.. recon its pretty much as I wanted, Hex glitter, holo fine glitter on a jelly base... DONE

Used various fine holo glitters, Claires chunky blue, WnW Noctural ..erm..maybe a drop of Black....

Its not a precise science .. but very simple to make! ..Click to see the lovely Hex glitter..yum

Anyhoo... I loves it... got many compliments on this one, any idea for a name???

May have a play around with my other chunky glitter, love this effect..looks like its floating in the jelly base... squishy :-)

Just a quickie post!

TTFN lovelies xoxoxox

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Magens Bay blue

This photographed so easily..and applied a dream..1 coat.. YES 1 coat....gorg.. Thanks again Jen.. I am gonna have to hunt some more of these puppies down!

Having a quick break from revision... slapped this on... voila... yes I have teeny tiny nails right now.. am kind of getting used to them!! At the moment they feel weird and sore.. haven't had them this short in a long long time!

Anyhoo.. this colour is gorgeous.. applied perfectly, the little brush was perfect for me.. I am not a wide brush lover!

Would love some more of these... anyone know where us Brits can get them?? I know the old stockist has now closed down..boo!

I have lots of swatching piling up... I will post bits when I can but my exam is looming ..study study study is on the menu at the mo!! Soon as I am finished with my exam.will be back to daily posts!! (cant bloomin wait!!)

Anyways lovelies

TTFN xoxox