Sunday, 22 August 2010

Magens Bay blue

This photographed so easily..and applied a dream..1 coat.. YES 1 coat....gorg.. Thanks again Jen.. I am gonna have to hunt some more of these puppies down!

Having a quick break from revision... slapped this on... voila... yes I have teeny tiny nails right now.. am kind of getting used to them!! At the moment they feel weird and sore.. haven't had them this short in a long long time!

Anyhoo.. this colour is gorgeous.. applied perfectly, the little brush was perfect for me.. I am not a wide brush lover!

Would love some more of these... anyone know where us Brits can get them?? I know the old stockist has now closed!

I have lots of swatching piling up... I will post bits when I can but my exam is looming study study is on the menu at the mo!! Soon as I am finished with my exam.will be back to daily posts!! (cant bloomin wait!!)

Anyways lovelies

TTFN xoxox


  1. i love DC! they are so inexpensive. i would be happy to cp & ship them, or work out another swap!

  2. Looking good, Rebekah. That's a very generous gesture by jb. This collection didn't make it over here and now flashynails isn't in business we are stuffed. Teeny nails? Ha! Why do they feel sore though?

  3. This colour's beautiful - good luck with your exam!!

  4. J - your the best.. yeah we do next swap then.. new Illimasqua by bloggers out October :-)

    lol They are right down to the nail bed.. really hurts!! My skin grows up the back of my nail bed,plus my finger tips havent been exposed for months lol

    Thanks Leeblee :-) I need all the luck I can get!!