Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Mint Fusion... W n W ... I heart you

This is like Dressmaker on acid..

Limey green with that shimmer... Mmmm.. I love green.. this kicks butt!!

Wee finally my nails are starting to grow back :-) so pleased!! .. am still on 95% liquid diet..so hoping slowly they will come back as I can get some nutrients :-)

I have a whole lot of new lot of Wet and Wild to swatch... both this type and the Craze ones.. Morbid was just calling out to be worn, but gonna save it for the weekend!! .. have swatched all of them on nail wheels.. must get some snaps done ASAP!!

I am looking to get my BFF some polish for her bday.. any recommendations guys??? She is pro bellydancer..so blingy perhaps..something cool for performances..was thinking some holo's ..I am lacking in those, so not too sure which ones are uber holo.. helps! :-)

My nail obsession is starting to get to my work colleagues... got talking base coats, buffers and on trend colours today...LOL Spread the polish love!

Anyhoo that's all for now lovelies

TTFN xoxox


  1. Suits you plenty. Loving the shimmer. Perfect amount. Other manufacturers look and learn.

    Does friend have pierced navel? Gift ideas of that nature?

  2. I love mints!! Looks great on you. I found you and now I'm a follower and added you to my blogroll so I can stalk you better :D

  3. :-) Thanks hun

    yees... Jen... I am ordering Chg Holo's for her... getting her on the NP addiction :-)