Sunday, 29 August 2010

Quickie In's & OUT's

This weeks IN's and OUT's


Bank holiday weekend... yahooo...3 day it!!

Lift Lemon tea... aaah.. cheap and refreshing!

Nailmail ...wee.. I was showered with nailmail this week, 3 boxes full, so so grateful, thank you J especially!

Frankens.. I think I have got the franken bug again, glitter removal is a breeze with felt..this makes me want to make loads and loads of frankens! ...I need to find a source for empty bottles!!

Hello Hydration Conditioner...Mmm Coconutty hair...yum yum! Makes my curls so defined, loving it..especially for £1!! (Poundland!!)

Autumnal clothing... kind of enjoying wearing long long boots, blazers..scarves etc.... British Summertime has it perks!!

LUSH New Shampoo bar ... I likes it.. its spicy.. smells like Chai..cinnamon, clove oil..Mmm.. is meant to Stimulate new growth..ideal for my hair growing challenge!! (as if nail obsession isn't enough!!)

Gingernut fingers... Gingernut biscuits in ginger form.. of the only things I can eat..yummy!

Returning to work Tuesday ...the busiest working day of the year.. I cant say I am looking forward to it!.. I wont get a pee, cuppa tea..or anything else all day!!

Christmas.. yes.. people keep giving me a countdown.. give us a break.. come back in November!!

Overpriced Organic baby puree.. yes its handy.. but 93p a sachet.. erk!!

Spartacus ... cant believe its over.. now what am I meant to drool over on a Sunday night!!! We need more!!!

Unattainable Winter collections... annoying.. I want Zoya.. but.. not for the crazy prices here!! Give us international shopping already!!

Inbetweeny sizes... thanks to being ill for the past 6 weeks I am now inbetween sizes.. I need them to make odd number sizes LOL ... for now I put up with risking my work skirt falling down at any moment!

That's all for now loveies.. have a lovely bank holiday to fellow Brits



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