Saturday, 28 August 2010

... More nailmail..

Now I saw my postie start ramming this one through the door.. I jumped up and swung open the door!! lol being seen in my turby towel was better than crushed polish!!

Wee.. so exciting, was an MUA swap, as I didnt have any Icing this lovely NB'er offered to send me some.. wowsers.. they are so lush...and..OMG..Dressmaker!!! woohoo!

See how sparkly the Icing polish is...mmm (Blackout & Glamorous) ..nom nom :-) first Hot Topic.. I have gone a bit potty for hex Mmm cant wait to try this one, think its gonna get layered over that new Sinful.. Pink.. its an insane neon pink... think that will look hot!!

I need to tidy up now.. wee.. nothing nicer than rows of lovely new bottles :-) I have been a lucky gal this week

Any requests for swatches let me know, cant decide which to try!!




  1. Looks good! I haven't tired my dressmaker yet haha! :)