Monday, 2 August 2010

Touch of Taupe... I need a taupe intervention!!

Okay so I used to hate taupe..nudes..whatever you wanna call em.. now I love em!! I have been slowly de-stashing the nudes.. however this little lovely came from R last week..and I loves it!!

Fabulous, could of been a 1 coater, did 2 ..just out of habit, and topcoat.

Speedy dry and...just gorgeous creme.. Now I am a creme-a-holic..and proud :p

My dear colleague is helping me get my helmer, am so so chuffed, cant wait to get it :-) My fiance has promised to get a hammer...and build it..not swear/leave the helmer discarded round the flat lol excited, got the grippy liner stuff for it today...weee.. its like getting a new pet LOL

Anyone got any fabulous tips for organising ones Helmer??? I seem to have a lot of brands..but not a lot of any one brand..probably most I have are Sinful colours!! .... I appear to be a brand ho.. maybe I need to commit?? lol

Anyhoo lovelies..

TTFN xoxox


  1. Wow!! TOT looks gorgeous on you! I'm glad you are pleased with it :)

    Most with helmers organize by color.

  2. Very pretty. I'm off Maybelline though - animal testing.
    No Helmers for me. Chuck 'em in a box, stand them on my desk, under my desk - that's my kind of organisation.

  3. It was a gift :-) ..Maybelline way over my price range!! lol

    hehehe.. Mine are in clear boxes atm..but its time :)