Monday, 16 August 2010

Avon.. Green with envy (uk name)

You know this one.. the dark green, why they have different names to stateside..I dont know!!

Same thing.. love.. at first sight!! You all know I am a green-a-holic!!

This was a fast and furious excuse my messyness - sooo tired!
SH NQ, 2 coats Green with envy, Topped with Ciate - could of gone without topcoat, its super glossy :-)

Yummy, and even yummier for £3 on offer!!! Best thing about this line.. is they are super pigmented.. pretty much 1 coaters, gorgeous! ... we are so behind compared to the US stuff... I want more colours!! Fingers crossed we catch up by Autumn time!

Also picked up Peppermint leaf (the "jade" one) .. this is so yummy.. but I still am lemming Milani Dressmaker!!!!!

Think that's plenty of green for one day, another NOTD coming up soon.. hectic schedule atm but will be posting more very shortly :-)

TTFN lovelies xoxoxo


  1. Not sure why they have different names for them over there.
    I'm loving these Avons too - yes to the 1-coater statement, I've found the same with the ones I've tried.
    I just ordered a few more because I like them so much =)

  2. no need to lemm the milani, i ordered the same color (exactly the same) from jordana, well, i kinda ordered 10! one for all my girls!!!

  3. ohhhh my gosh I love this avon green!! ooh ooh! need this one.. that so good that it's only 1 coat.. I'm so lazy.. lol.

  4. i ordered the jade green and the pastel blue, and pastel grey from avon. im glad the formula is good, i haven't ordered avon polishes in a while but i saw the new colors and they are so nice and a great deal so of course i had to get some.

    I like uk names better.

  5. I love this green. If you think you're behind, try the land downunder (Australia). I ordered it from US ebay.

  6. This one is too dark for me but the Jade one is nicer than I thought. Maybe it's time for me to test the Avon waters.

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  8. mmmm - they're both fab. I think I should explore Avon too...