Saturday, 7 August 2010

Cheeky favour to ask from a US lovely & this weeks IN'S & OUTS

Hey lovelies

Sorry I have been sparse on the posting, been so poorly this week, hoping to get some time for a fresh mani over the weekend!!

Anyoo.. a strange and cheeky plea.. I am absolutely lemming Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Conditioner, its $3 .. you all know we have no Traders Joe's here.. boo.. If anyone is willing and has a Trader Joe's I will happily swap Bloom, Nails inc, LUSH or something else from good old blighty in return!!! please pretty please!!!(you know what they say, Don't ask don't get.. or as my mum says.. Ask and still don't get!!)

On to this weeks IN's and OUT's!


Jelly - or US Jello .. Its all I can have right now and I am enjoying all the diff flavours.. yummy! - if only they had a Cheese Ploughman flavour one!(note.. only Vegetarian jelly!)

Long Cardigans ... I am loving the cooler weather myself, am lovin wearing long cardigans, jeggings, super comfy!!

Youtube hair vids.. am loving these atm, On a hair growing quest, so chuffed mine is a couple inches past shoulders now :-)

Lemony Flutter - now.. the smell might be hard to get used to but... it does work a charm!! looks like you put in a lot of effort when you didn't - now that's my kind of product!!

Helmer... wee now I haven't got him but he is on his way from Manchester thanks to a sweet sweet friend, Thanks Marcus :-)

Baby Bubble Bath - Aaaah so soothing, am enjoying a nice soak lately..loveeely.. now if I could get my bath pillow in place, it would be perfect!!!


Ciate Top coat - I spoke too soon.. it loves OPI/China glaze/Sally Hansen... but it hates Essie & Sinful.. now that isn't gonna work lol.. gonna have to order some Seche!!

"Sorry you were out" red cards - AArggg.. they wind me up so bad!! .. Why does 1 nailpolish need a giant box, no bubblewrap..and a zillion bits of sample/paper.. are u jokin me!! Thank goodness it wasn't broken!

Footy season - seriously I got no time off season with the World Cup.. my oh is an avid Canaries fan, will be chomping at the bit basically until end of May 2011.. ladies..wish me luck!!

That's all for now lovelies, will try to get a post up shortly

TTFN xoxox

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