Saturday, 21 August 2010

Quick Update + In's and outs...

Just a quickie update lovies, I will be back to normal posting soon, been up and down doctors, hospital etc etc the past have my exams creeping up on me, all a bit hectic!!

Hoping some new treatment will have me right as rain very very soon!! My new gastro is the BEST.. sent me straight for xrays, tests etc then saw me straight away afterwards :-)

I have cut down my nails..yes really... not just They will soon grow back!

Anyhoo onto the IN's and OUT's


ASDA Herbal tea.. yes.. its 74p a box and tastyyy.. Orange, Ginger & Mango is the cuppa of choice currently!

Topshop polish... so pretty... was in there buying for a swap..some gorgeous colours.. the price isn't too bad, a bit too much for my personal stash.. but got a cute free make up Bag.. Score!!

Great swaps.. yes.. swaps rock.. better than shopping, more fun.. you get to shop without guilt and get mail..weeeee!

My Fiance.. lol not that he was ever OUT of favour lol but he ran my swaps to the post for me and has been looking after me a treat :-*

Primark vouchers.. my daddy sent me one for my last assignment score(yes its taken me 5 weeks to get round to using it).. yay.. these are the best thing ever!! ..All I want for xmas.. is primark vouchers!

Snood .. yes my new Snood( a big circle scarf that can be worn as a hood or a oversize scarf).. Dollybowbow is to blame!! lol for £1 was a steal.. I got a grey sequined one.. I love it sooo much :-) .. if you want to see ridiculous pictures of me wearing it..I may humour you (on twitter!)


My tea going cold..I need a tea cosy!!

Vanishing packages.. I haven't had one yet...touch wood!.. but one is taking rather longer than I am liking getting to Singapore.. praying it lands!!

British Summertime... as in..its now Autumn apparently..LOL

Spiders.. I know they are confused.. is it Summer, Winter, Autumn... but lurking over my bed and scaring the crap outta me.. Not funny!!

Nails inc counters.. not only did they have not 1 polish on my list..but the assistant was too busy chatting/doing her own nails/txt messaging to notice me!

Distinct lack of post... yes no Bills is always good.. but where are the goodies at!!

Sales... I have to resist the Models own sale.. have to!!! erk!

Exams looming... eeek.. I am so behind after being poorly, got to get a shuffle on, keep falling asleep in a painkiller haze... I need tips to stay awake!!

That's all for now lovelies... will post very soon




  1. Ginseng. Might work for wakefulness? I was going to suggest coffee but that may not be such a good idea..... ;o(

  2. what? skip the Model's Own Sale? are you kidding? nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!