Friday, 13 August 2010

When you need it most.. Nail mail

These packages couldn't of come at a better time, I have been so ill all week, came in dragging my heels..and voila, there were 2 packages waiting for me :-)

Thank you Jen :-) ...and one very sweet Canadian MUA lovely

Cheered me up so much!! how cute is the packaging....adorable, topshop packaging I think, gorgeous :-)

So many pretties..and lemmings fulfilled, appreciate it so much! I have wanted Strawberry fields since I got it for my mummy in chuffed to finally own it!

Here's the second swapy bits :-) weee Avojuice.. it smells Wicked!! ... The China glaze is from Poolside collection, yay!Ooo and the grey Mood polish..Woop woop!!

Jen your a love.. seriously my first.. BB Couture, Skinfood & Fingerpaints, wee :-) a fellow Brit bloggeee Nailpolishuk :-)

The main feature of the Canadian swap...... drumroll please.... Merry Midnight...ooooo

I have no idea what the OPI Mini's are- any ideas?? the gold one has chunky flakies in similar to Merry Midnight..Ooooo (click to see them...purrty)

So many lovelies!!

That's all for now... need a fresh manicure this weekend, got plenty new things to pick from!! - any requests what you guys wants to see first???

Thanks to all my new lovely followers... I think a contest may be needed in the near future :-)

TTFN xoxox


  1. those mini's are xmas 2009... the first one is... crap... on the tip of my tounge. be right back

  2. I'm back. The first one is Merry Midnight
    and the last one is Shim-merry Chic


  3. Merry Midnight, OMG. One of the best ever polishes!