Friday, 30 July 2010


This is a foil.. coming in at £3 on offer, half price... I wouldnt go up to £6 which is the RRP!!

Applied well, two coats over 1 coat SH NQ

Nice finish.. I am a bit anti shimmer, but this foil finish is gorgeous! One thing I must say is that the AVON swatches in the book dont look anything like the your better off searching for swatches!

Liking this one a lot... have gone ahead and ordered the famous greens..hurrah! Be two weeks till they land, but well worth the wait :-)

Looking forward to a weekend in bed, reading and relaxing, have a great weekend guys!

TTFN xoxoxo

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Am sure you have seen Moonstruck before..but its super exciting getting US only stuff (so let me have a squeal!!)

Gorgeous creme, this is two coats, with topcoat
I am a creme-a holic.. I admit, and this is gorgeousness, went on so easily! Love it!

Think I will let the pictures do the talking for this one....

If your a lover of taupe.. this one is a must have for sure.. I hated Mushroom on me..But I love this!!

Loving it!!!

Just a quick post tonight, feeling rough as!

TTFN lovelies xoxox

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Shy/Flirty...another gorgeous Mood polish

Shy/Flirty one of the new gorgeous mood polishes from Claire's!! so chuffed to get this one as we don't get these in the UK, Wah!!

Love it so much..gorgeous.... The darker blue is so deep and gorgeous!

Two coats, dried super fast & Matte- topped with Ciate ..tadaaa!

Applied in a hurry..sorry lol Time for serious sofa time!

...will be swatching the rest of the goodies very shortly! Still not 100% a bit slow, will soon be back to posts galore :-)

..Oh BFF kindly testing some Nailene nails for will post those up too shortly!

TTFN lovelies xoxox

Wee nail mail!

Some lovely nail mail landed today, these certainly brightened my day :-)

.. I managed to get two Happy Birthday's.. which are gorgeous I may add, Between my sister and my bf's daughter..I am sure will find a home for the spare lol

Gorgeousness... Have wanted Recycle for ages..thanks so sooo much to Jen over at The Polish-Aholic!!

..well you know how much I love mood polish... Yay! Am so chuffed :-)

Thanks so much to R too... mwah! I love Maybelline polish..this is my first one believe it or not!! Looks gorgeous :-)

Now I have so much choice for a fresh mani its unreal lol my untried box is full again!!

Time for a pot of tea..and a fresh manicure :-)



Ciate topcoat revisisted....

yes I know..unheard of..3 days wearing something!! a/ have been too tired and b/ wanted to road test the topcoat for you lovelies!!

Well.. super shiny, good wear, no shrinkage! For me..the shrinkage is the bug bear with seche...

Its definitely comparable to seche, I may end up liking it more..but... its a bit early to say!!

It has dulled a tiny bit but I have been using oils, sunscreen yadayada! Overall I love it.. you apply just the same as SV..and its gorgeous,normally I would have tipwear... NO tipwear! Hurrah!

Here it is today.... not bad heh! could go longer..but you know.. I cant go longer than 3 days with the same polish!!

Its definitely time for a fresh mani! phew!

The topcoat gets 5*

TTFN lovelies xoxox

Sunday, 25 July 2010

IN and... OUT

A quickie post... Am feeling a bit uninspired manicure wise, my untried box is nearly empty.. hmm..

Anyway chilled weekend.. very sad it is nearly over!

..Heres for this weeks IN's and OUTS!


Eclipse.. yes.. I finally saw it and love!! Edward was so much nicer, smilier etc.. loved it (although he was a lot less sparkly - more sparkles next time please!!)

US buddies .. got to say nail bloggers and MUA NB lovelies are some of the nicest folk, Love you guys :-)

Superdrug receipts.. yes.. these offers rock, every purchase you get a survey - if you do these, which takes minutes, next shop you get 25% off Superdrug brands (GOSH is included in these) and 10% off branded products! Deal!

Getting good marks.. well some of you will know I was stressing so bad over my last assignment, ended up having a huge flare.. well I got a good mark.. I was so so chuffed!! My mummy even sent me a voucher for Primark to say well done! :-)

Paperchase .. I love stationary.. and I adore Paperchase.. went in for some gorgeous postcards to pop into a couple packages, could of stayed in there for hours..Mmmm.. girly goodness!!


Studying.. yes.. My energy is so **** right now, its a struggle, gonna get back on the bandwagon this week.. EU Law ahoy!

Fx ... I was hoping for new Tru Blood..oooh no..its old reruns.. I am chomping at the bit for season 3!!

Glitter .. I am just too tired, too lazy..or something to be scrubbing/foiling/toiling over removing polish for an hour every time I want a change!! ...if there is a magic trick..please someone tell me..I want to love glitter again!!

My unorganised stash...somehow I seem to have a lot of brands.. now this means a lot of odd bottles!! Am on the hunt for my helmer.. just finding someone to get it for me atm.. soon as I tidy the so similar-ish bottles are together, they get messed up!!

Heat.. its still hot..been hot here now for over a week... In true British style.. I cant be doing with it.. I want the winter.. right now!! Thigh high boots, tights, leather suede gloves.. oo winter please!!

That's all for now lovelies.. am frankening something may post back with that later

TTFN xoxox

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Smokey lilac ...& new topcoat!

So... I had a bit of a pootle on Thursday late night shopping, as usual Superdrug is my favourite! Picked up some bits for a friend....saw these BeautyUK polishes..they are on offer 2 for £3 ..have some lush colours.. Pretty much £3 is my limit per polish so these are fantastic!

Loving the colour - Smokey lilac, it dried fast, applied really well.... superb, will have to come back to rate the wear..but generally I think everything lasts with a good base/topcoat!! Applied better than some pricier ones I have!

Definitely check them out (and use your superdrug receipt 10% off code)

Oooo BarryM has 2 for £5 currently at Superdrug OR Boots has a deal, if you spend £6 on BarryM get a free limited edition gold top polish(is a pink -I wasn't fancying gave it a miss!) ..also GOSH has some offers atm on various lip products & polish ...worth checking out!!

My beloved seche is nearly empty..and although I can go without easily ..especially with creme polish.. I thought I had better replace it.. finally went for Ciate top coat, was £3.99 not too postage.. this should last me a few months!

On first use.. dried fast, super glossy.. It even says on the packaging to wrap the tips!! which I did, and the finish is silky.. thumbs up so far!!

That's all for now folks..

TTFN xoxox

Thursday, 22 July 2010

I need a HUGE dramatic statement ring... help!

Yes I need to find a very big one..

I saw one of the judges on BNTM wearing one..and that was it..gotta find one!! ..Ooo it was Grace Woodward... mmm ..I want her ring..and her glasses/clothes!! (found this on Show me your Wardrobe)

you see that..THAT is a ring!!

Been getting more into jewellery.. obviously wear my engagement ring all the time, but the other hand needs jazzing up too! Have been picking up rings here and there..mainly Primark...

I got this one tonight in H&M for £1.99... DEAL!!

Really am looking for something even bigger than this, maybe round ..if you guys spot anything like this, a real statement ring...please drop me a comment!!

For now this faux pearl has brightened my evening... such a hectic day... My brain is zapped!! Time for a cuppa!!

TTFN lovelies


Viva la nails

Viva la nails are letting us lovely bloggers & YT Nail-aholics review some products! If you want to review them.. click here Amazing.. was expecting a few a choice

There were also some felt free cloths in there..I used those LOL So so gorgeous, I love that you can pick exactly what you want..not just a bundle or a big selection of rhinestones! the package are stickers, water decals..rhinestones, beads..crushed shells..all sorts!!

They have a huge range of stuff, check it out.. prices are really reasonable too :-)

I am in love with these rhinestones.. think am going to do a mani with these at the weekend, am taking the kids for birthday think I will need a suitably blingy mani!!

Thanks to viva la nails.. review/demo coming up really soon!

TTFN lovelies


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

AVON Mambo Melon

Avon Mambo Melon... this is one of the speed dry ones.. they really do dry seche needed, although of course I did go ahead and topcoat these!

now.. I am not normally one for shimmer.. but this I can grow to love!!

Ordered with this one Dynamo..well for £3 they were a steal!!

Must say I like Avon polishes a lot!! The offers are fab too.. oh and they finally have the GREENS in the UK Catalogue this month, hurrah! They have different names, but are the same ones.. Peppermint leaf (the jade) & Green with envy are the UK names! £3 at the moment, hurrah!

This is my wee avon collection...

Mambo melon, Dynamo, Coral Beat, Twilight blue & Ruby slippers

That's all for now!

TTFN xoxox

NYC .... Manhattan


Since I cant be there..this polish will have to make do!!

MUA board is such an enabler.. I saw it.. It was love at first sight! and for £2.49 ..that's the sort of love I can have!!

I lovee this, such a classic vampy, cant go wrong!!

Got some wee bits from Avon.. will post swatches of those very soon!! Picked up Dynamo & Melon Mambo..which are both gorgeous!!

Anyway TTFN lovelies xoxxx