Saturday, 24 July 2010

Smokey lilac ...& new topcoat!

So... I had a bit of a pootle on Thursday late night shopping, as usual Superdrug is my favourite! Picked up some bits for a friend....saw these BeautyUK polishes..they are on offer 2 for £3 ..have some lush colours.. Pretty much £3 is my limit per polish so these are fantastic!

Loving the colour - Smokey lilac, it dried fast, applied really well.... superb, will have to come back to rate the wear..but generally I think everything lasts with a good base/topcoat!! Applied better than some pricier ones I have!

Definitely check them out (and use your superdrug receipt 10% off code)

Oooo BarryM has 2 for £5 currently at Superdrug OR Boots has a deal, if you spend £6 on BarryM get a free limited edition gold top polish(is a pink -I wasn't fancying gave it a miss!) ..also GOSH has some offers atm on various lip products & polish ...worth checking out!!

My beloved seche is nearly empty..and although I can go without easily ..especially with creme polish.. I thought I had better replace it.. finally went for Ciate top coat, was £3.99 not too postage.. this should last me a few months!

On first use.. dried fast, super glossy.. It even says on the packaging to wrap the tips!! which I did, and the finish is silky.. thumbs up so far!!

That's all for now folks..

TTFN xoxox


  1. That lilac is gorgeous on you. The Ciate sounds a good deal. Thanks for the tip.

  2. The lilac isn't quite lilac enough for me but it suits you :-)

    I need a new topcoat too (my seche has gone very weird and goopy, so might try this :-)

  3. OMG love that dusty lilac!!!! can't wait to hear more about the top coat!

  4. I love Beauty UK, great new brand.