Sunday, 4 July 2010

Hello kitty Cool Summer....

Now I normally don't like these not quite deep enough purples, but combined with rainbow holo super fine sparkles.. it appealed..and for £1.50 ..even better!! never seen this one before, so was good to find it in London :-)

2 Coats, applied easily, as usual over 1 coat SH NQ, 1 Coat Nail Thickener

Excuse my cuticles, they are now slathered in cuticle butter..should of done that pre photo taking!!

I recon this would be hot mattified, maybe more glitter needed first! ..Like it but may well amp it up..darker..vampier and more glitter ..mmmm

Fairly understated for returning to work tomorrow, boohoo! ...will have to wear my blingy frankens in the week!

So shattered today but need to get motivated to study study study!!!

TTFN lovelies xoxox


  1. the bottle is so cute.. i love the color.. nice mani.. =)

  2. i noticed that shade is a different purple than you usually wear, but i really like it on you!