Thursday, 8 July 2010

What I am lusting after right now...

...Lemmings..lemmings.... I am allowed to look, but not buy!

I have a lot more of these since MUA and Youtube lol

  • Models Own released 12.. yes.. 12 New gorgeous polishes this week..droolie
Check them out here

DONT forget the JADESTONE promo, free P&P if you buy a Jade Stone..which looks Divine I may add! (expires 29-July 2010)

  • NYX Lipglosses.. I blame the lovely Cosmetic Candy for this lemming, they look so darn squishy n juicy..mmmm
  • Up and coming collections..sure you have all been drooling over all the loveliness being tweeted all over the shop..mmm .. Chg Halloween stuff looks HAWT.. also despite my initial Blah about Vintage vixen..these swatches at The Nailphile... mmm.. Classic Camel is making me weak at the knee's!
  • New Claire's mood polish... mmm look lush..seriously, I am still lemming half the old ones LOL MUA nail board has plenty of swatches if your diggin two toned nails
  • Cetaphil...yes bit of a weird one... I am a HUGE Lorraine this may be her influence lol

  • Cutesey charm Jewellery..anything with little teapots, cups, saucers, letters.. I am going gooey over! Dollybowbow is simply gorgeous, wow.. shes so sweet too, loving her Youtube also.. check out her site, its all adorable and such good prices :-) (going to beg my fiance for a teapot pendant)

  • Moreee Sinful colours....All I can say is.. If I lived in the US I would eat even less...and have a huge stash!!
Yes..that is (obviously not judging by the wishlist LOL)

What are you really gettin excited about atm??

TTFN lovelies xoxox


  1. I am waaaaaay too excited about the Sleek iDivine Circus palette! Will buy it on Monday I think. Great wishlist :P

  2. Also ASOS is having a sale...I may have hauled :D

  3. I know... Its tormenting me :P