Sunday, 11 July 2010

..Anything you can franken! (well nearly!)

Bit of a lightbulb moment lol.. I wanted a dark green forever.. something like Orly Enchanted forest... I was even drooling over something similar AA had.. but.. nah.. was not about to spend silly money on it!!

Cleared out my weeny stash.. thinking of getting a that was the logical thing..well found an old Claire's one.. a bright Teal.. looked good in the bottle but awful on!See here for the evidence..gross!

So I set to franken! .. Added to it WnW Nocturnal.. then when it was deep enough, just a few drops of WnW Black creme... ooo..I think am in love!! it has got a little shimmer..which is from the Claire's teal (darn!!)... for now this franken has no name- any suggestions ???

Minus the shimmer..this would be perfect! ... I may have to swap for the Orly!

Claire's here don't have the range of polish as the US.. although I am starting to spy some Icing polish dupes.. in Claire's here... wee... Shame they dont have the Mood Polishes, I would love the new ones!

Soon as I am feeling 100% will be sorting a contest for you lovelies :-) ...for now all I am saying isss... it will be something you can only get in the UK ( No..not a jar of Marmite)

TTFN xxxx


  1. mmmm i think her name is aloe vera

  2. Yes, I've seen the Mood swatches and want the polishes. Gah!

  3. Bleuch, Marmite! Lol :P Looking forward to the contest!

  4. Lovely franken. Such a fine green. I almost always struggle with naming lacquers I franken. good luck