Saturday, 13 February 2010

Green as envy...starry nail art!

For this used Claire's name on these, Revlon glimmer gloss and these little star sequins....cute!

Love the colour...this is what I wanted the NYC to be..but it was thin and watery..this is super pigmented... love the shimmery fine glitter in the revlon!

Overall fun and simple nail art!
Finally tried cuticle remover..indeed easy and gentle..not sure it did anything though to be fair LOL

OMG... saw some super cute clear mini crates, click to seal, found them in Rymans(stationary shop)..hmm..thinking ideal storage... my bf would not let me purchase lol I may have to get these next weekend!!
Nearly forgot lol Got some biotin 1000, going to take twice a day. Although I have had no breaks now since 2009 I really would like to get some length!! Will update with how the biotin is working!

TTFN lovelies xxxxx