Friday, 12 February 2010

...Poundland score...and Bargain bucket..Urban decay Cult!

Okay so... I noticed poundland changing their nail display.. I knew something new was lurking in there..this fab nail art kit...okay so..chuck the file lol..but there are sequins, pearls, rhinestones, little hearts, stars...all for quid!! ... I feel an OTT mani coming on this I have a full weekend of studying ahead...but.. I will have a break for a mani and So you think you can dance..essentials!!

I am a complete youtube junkie.. After watching Misschevious and her perfect mani vid... I decided its time to try Cuticle remover... looks gentle enough, got Elegant Touch moisturising cuticle remover...wish me luck!!

Ooo the beautiful polishes... Superdrug had a bargain bucket.. eyeko and urban decay...nothing much yelling out to me... anyway got this one, got home to find "Cult" is a discontinued it for £1 ..a bargain!! ..tbh after looking at swatches I am not too sure I like the look of it on..may pass it on... drop me a line if you would like it!

The yummy polishes are Claire's, two creme...a neon orange and one sparkle full of stars... we dont get the glitters(wah!!)..but they do seem to have new colours and some neons in..yay!! lol I got some free buffers too lol ...some of these are

Anyway going to try out some new colours and nail art over the next week...

TTFN lovelies xoxox


  1. Ahh you always get such good things at poundland! I went into the one in Brum city centre yesterday and the polish selection was rubbish! :(
    And you're lucky on UD the Superdrugs in Bham dont seem to have this bargain bucket! Maybe I need to look harder :p

  2. lol when I went in today...the basket was GONE! ... was just good luck! poundland good..99p store..better!

  3. Looking forward to your manicure!

    Nice stuff you got there. =)

  4. I found UD cult on evilbay...waiting for it to come in the mail. Can't wait to see all the nailart designs you come up with :)