Sunday, 21 February 2010

my first try at water marble nails....eek!

I keep seeing all these gorgeous marble designs on enough was enough lol

Used this fantastic video for really was as easy as it looked..once I got the water temp right!! not the freezing temps in my kitchen!! Cheers Audrey...fantastic vids
Colours are - GOSH Snow, Nails inc Savoy court, Nails inc Duke street, Rimmel Celebrity bash & OPI Do you lilac it
yay really pleased with it...the rimmel made for the super deep colour.. some nails I used more white.. play about with the colours..clean up was a wee bit messy, used Vaseline..sure after a hot shower will all be 100% clean

I am currently trying out Cutex nail polish remover- the nourishing one with whitening formula..the tips do seem whiter..going to keep using my 100ml bottle then post the results..yes...naked nails...aaah!

Currently waiting on my first..yess first China glaze from evilbay..and some swappy bits...all VERY exciting!!

Will pic n post when they land in the UK :)

TTFN lovelies



  1. This looks amazing! I love the colors you used!

  2. Gorgeous and very good job!! Love the color combos :)

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