Friday, 5 February 2010

Models own Utopia... hmm Love it or hate it?

Cant make up my mind on this one..people keep complimenting me...but... I really don't think It loves me as much as I love it in the bottle!!!

On a side note..removing silver sparkles...was the most difficult thing ever!!!! After over 90 minutes...scrubbing, soaking and pulling...I got most can still see some glitter stuck firmly to my cuticles! more glitter for me for the fortnight... I cant be doing with sore hands, sore palms, sore nails!!!! ... yes really I mean glitters!!!

Hmm anyway it or hate it??

Ooo thanks to followers, creeping slowly up......cant wait to do my first competition at 50!!!

TTFN lovelies



  1. Did you think that the Models Own polishes smelled funny as well?
    I think this colour looks gorgeous on your skintone!

  2. hmm cant say I noticed a smell! I will see if I notice anything with the others :) gonna try Bubblegum- fluro pink tomoro!

  3. Oh no I'm so sorry to hear the removal was such a pain in the ass, you should try the foil method next time!!

    All you have to do is drown cotton balls in pure aceton, put a piece on your nail, wrap aluminium foil around your finger and let it soak for a while. The glitters will glide right off!

    Im loving Utopia, ordered this one myself too :-)

  4. I love it, I think that it looks gorgeous!

  5. I love those type colors. Next time you need to use the foil method with felt instead of cotton balls.