Friday, 30 April 2010

Finally... nail mail is restored lol

Yipeee after a long tiring day at work..with a stinkin head... I was soo pleased to come home to some mail..weee

On the right..bits from other half..Essie steeling the scene..and a giant Seche ordered ages stuck in the volcano backlog lol

The rest is from A ...thank you hunny!!! Wet n Wild..Blazed, sunny side up, Black creme..and an OPI paint and go pen...yay!!

This has cheered me up no end!!

Off for copious mugs of tea and some relax time!! Long weekend wooohoo I love bank holidays

TTFN xoxox

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Claires...neon orange

UK Claires does not label their looks like neon orange to me LOL
Finally got my seche +restore in the mail...YIPEEE I managed a lovely mani before bed, no sheet marks..loooovely!!
The other half picked up Essie Steel-ing the looks gorgeous..going to try it over the weekend!
Waiting on a few packages atm, guess there is backlog from the disruption still, and no mail again with bank holiday...fingers crossed it all comes today!!
I am full of some horrible virus right now so sorry for short post, got a raging temperature and sore off to the office!!
On the plus side its boiling hot here at the like summertime lol..getting my feet out today for the first time since err last July!!
Am wondering if I need Dreamsickle...anyone know if its still about stateside??
TTFN xoxxo

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

....Neons + Hearts = love

A little simple nail art..tried to photograph both hands, so excuse the weird angle on my right hand lol

Simply, neon tips, coat of holographic topcoat, then pressed into it loose hearts and some from the Claire's polish, topped with Super Shiney..voila!

Very girly indeed lol...

gotta dash to the office!


Sunday, 25 April 2010

Claires Chunky green... and change in nailcare..

I lovee the Claires US stuff, I so need a trip just to buy a tonne of Claires stuff, my bf was slightly stunned when I said I needed 24 hours in the US on route to honeymoon for clear out Sephora and every drug store I can get my mitts on!!

This colour reminds me of dollar bills.....if I was an MTV video girl, this is what I might wear whilst being showered in notes (in my dreams!!!)

its super pigmented, I did do three coats, it wears so hard and protects nails so well I will keeping this on a few days to look after my nails!

Far as nailcare, I have not been taking Biotin daily so I am going to resume that, as well as a multivitamin.

Sticking to non-acetone remover - Marks and Spencer..smells nice and with felt works fab

I am on "project size 0" at the moment so I think this is why they are a bit slow growing/dehydrated lol..hoping the vitamins will perk them up!

Ooo and I am trying to just use Sally hansen Nail Quencher, not the Nailtek... I think its a bit drying..I may need to order a Nail envy matte. Hoping a week or two of a thick coat of NQ will help! fingers crossed it works or I may be back to nubbins LOL

Anyhoo..enough rambling, I am hopefully going to be posting more now my workload is a bit better studywise

TTFN xoxox

Swirly marble effect nail art...

A quickie nail art, used a few drugstore polishes, Miss sporty metal polish, various black and glitter nail art polishes, swirling with dotting tool- the fine end.

Easy, quick, no fuss!!

Sorry for the lack of nail art lately, since my seche is stuck in transit at the moment I am a bit limited.. its a shame to work hard on something then it chips off fast sans topcoat, will be back to more nail art soon!! Also ordered some weeee be glad when that arrives, know there is still a backlog for airmail!

Anyways this was going to be a funky french but its grey outside and the sky is black..a bit like this nail art lol stormy looking!
TTFN xoxoxo

Friday, 23 April 2010

h&m Blue my mind...

This is a gorgeous bright blue..with a hint of periwinkle..was very hard to capture, hence 101 pictures

Its gorgeous, maybe could do with a touch of thinner..but otherwise good. £2.99 is fantastic..this one is from my other half

Looovely, they have a good selection too :-) Maybe H&M polish may make a good future contest prize??

I have been stuck inside studying allll day... its a beautiful sunny day here in the UK, just gorgeous..shorts n sunglasses ahoy!
TTFN xoxoxox

And the winner is.......


Drawn by my lovely other half!
Congrats hun, if you can drop me an email I will get your package off in the morning!!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

BarryM Spring Green

Thanks Sal.. your a gem!!! Loveee this polish, its super bright nearly neon, you really need to see it in person...

But this will do for now lol
Excuse the no cleanup, I am sooooo tired!! two messy coats!

Am starting to love BarryM...shame the icecream colours seem to be sold out everywhere, fancied Blueberry ice cream..will keep hunting!!

TTFN xxxx

Weeeeee.. I love it when lost mail turns up!

I was getting kinda glum knowing swaps were caught in the whole volcano no planes fiasco... in fact more annoyed my packets are now going by sea to the USA will get your lovelies eventually LOL.. Royal mail...seamail?? however..I got home to two packets that had been lost 6 weeks ago..weeeeee
Anyways am glad the planes are back, fingers crossed friends, family and colleagues are home very soon :-)

OPI Your a Pisa work (really hope am not allergic to this), Claire's heart polish...a little cute pot of hearts........ooooo gorg, chuffed, really sweet swapper :-) Also got ...GOSH Foundation Primer ...looks lush..matte satin face..sounds great!!

Also a lovely friend at work gave me BarryM spring green today, yahoo!

This has cheered me up no end :-) this space for a fresh mani..!


Contest now CLOSED

My lovely other half will be picking a winner at random Tomorrow, package will be out to you at the weekend!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Chg Mango Madness...

Madness is right lol sooo glittery, gorgeous, this is two it...and nearly smooth sans topcoat, hurrah! After seeing swatches saying four coats and even five I thought the jelly base would be very sheer, but its fairly pigmented, doesn't need layering over anything.

Since you guys wanted to see my goes..

Top layer, new stuff + Nail art stuff

Middle - cotton wool, emergency cutex polish remover

Bottom- all used, majority of collection

That's pretty much it bar my Nails inc which I keep out on my vanity!..oh and topcoat/creams

So so shattered at the moment with work and university work..looking forward to some relaxing time once this assignment is done!!

Oo nearly forgot I am currently trying non-acetone remover..yes you heard me lol I do think there is a marked improvement in my nails..well they feel less dry, so shall see how it goes!!

Anyways TTFN xoxoxxo

Monday, 19 April 2010

BarryM Flamingo pink..lush goodies and some new storage..weee

Today was a rather unproductive day, took the day off to get some bits done ..err and most appointments fell through, so me and the other half went for a bit of a shop..and what we like to refer to as a pootle.. yes a pootle.. this may be a British thing..but we did indeed pootle, drink copious cups of tea and grumble about the weather...
I did stop and oggle the gorgeous new Liberty of London MAC collection..was nearly swayed by some greasepaint sticks..but I was good!!!
Enough rambling.. NOTD Flamingo pink... that it is! Lovely .. bright, 2 coats..easy peasy.. have to say it is a bit messy, I am missing having no topcoat...and seeing as no flights=no airmail..I dont think my seche restore will be landing anytime soon!!! boohoo!
We also dropped into LUSH the other half kindly got me some soap and we picked up a load of samples..(now in the other half's possession).. anyway I managed to hang onto the important one!! Lemony flutter..Divine, is super thick..I am going to try it out..its pretty pricey..I think around £6 for 30g of product, but I hear a little goes a longggg lets see how that goes!! The soap is Sandstone... apparently will give me the butt of a Brazilian..that sold the other half, done!
Also was gifted with this looovely new storage box, clear with snappy top..and cute..and just £1 it! You can see the bigger clear boxes underneath which hold the rest, I have 2 of these now and this new lil one, hurrah... I could show you all the storage/polish but guess my tiny collection is kinda comment if you want to see I will photograph it all!

Anyways TTFN lovelies xoxox