Sunday, 25 April 2010

Swirly marble effect nail art...

A quickie nail art, used a few drugstore polishes, Miss sporty metal polish, various black and glitter nail art polishes, swirling with dotting tool- the fine end.

Easy, quick, no fuss!!

Sorry for the lack of nail art lately, since my seche is stuck in transit at the moment I am a bit limited.. its a shame to work hard on something then it chips off fast sans topcoat, will be back to more nail art soon!! Also ordered some weeee be glad when that arrives, know there is still a backlog for airmail!

Anyways this was going to be a funky french but its grey outside and the sky is black..a bit like this nail art lol stormy looking!
TTFN xoxoxo


  1. Woah this is crazy! Loving it!

  2. I have that Miss Sporty polish! It's really good, considering the price.

  3. this is gorgeous.

    do you think you could do a tutorial or explain how you did it?

    this isn't water marbling is it?

  4. It isnt, its super simple

    Just create stripes, lengthways down your nails, they can overlap etc, say one wide stripe of the metal colour, then each side of it black, then a stripe of glitter- then just drag inwards or swirl using dotting tool or toothpick

    Its easy :-) hope that explains hun xx