Friday, 23 April 2010

h&m Blue my mind...

This is a gorgeous bright blue..with a hint of periwinkle..was very hard to capture, hence 101 pictures

Its gorgeous, maybe could do with a touch of thinner..but otherwise good. £2.99 is fantastic..this one is from my other half

Looovely, they have a good selection too :-) Maybe H&M polish may make a good future contest prize??

I have been stuck inside studying allll day... its a beautiful sunny day here in the UK, just gorgeous..shorts n sunglasses ahoy!
TTFN xoxoxox


  1. I love that blue!!! Looks gorgeous on you :) I think I need some H & M...hint, hint. lol!!

  2. Im so excited! yay i already sent my complete adds.. thanks again.. =)