Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy easter...and mani in progress

Happy easter all

Hope everyone is having a relaxed weekend, am enjoying lots of lay ins..although I have piles of studying to do, so am working too!

Attempted french tips with sally hansen nail art pen in Black. Looked good, till I topcoated, then 10 minutes later, its creeping off from the edges and sides. Thinking this has to do with it being water soluble... hmm.. am either going to jazz it up with stripes..or paint this

Ooo quick naked nail nubs..this was last Monday, they do appear to have already grown some!!

Also have decided I am going to stop my monthly orders, this is always £12 ish, but going to give those up now for as long as possible!! The only thing I wanted this month was Essie sure I can live without it!Swappies only..being a good gal ..for now!!

TTFN xoxo


  1. Happy Easter to you too! And sucks about the nail art pen! It's looking very pretty though :-)

  2. Very pretty! Did you wrap your tips with a good top coat?

  3. If you have nubs, then I have talons! Sorry about the french mani not working for you in black - how about using another color of np? looking forward to seeing your final result!!

  4. yeah am gonna paint over

    I wrapped it good..think its the water-based formula..the topcoat literally washed it off...its slowly dissolving lol probably wake up with nothing left!