Monday, 19 April 2010

BarryM Flamingo pink..lush goodies and some new storage..weee

Today was a rather unproductive day, took the day off to get some bits done ..err and most appointments fell through, so me and the other half went for a bit of a shop..and what we like to refer to as a pootle.. yes a pootle.. this may be a British thing..but we did indeed pootle, drink copious cups of tea and grumble about the weather...
I did stop and oggle the gorgeous new Liberty of London MAC collection..was nearly swayed by some greasepaint sticks..but I was good!!!
Enough rambling.. NOTD Flamingo pink... that it is! Lovely .. bright, 2 coats..easy peasy.. have to say it is a bit messy, I am missing having no topcoat...and seeing as no flights=no airmail..I dont think my seche restore will be landing anytime soon!!! boohoo!
We also dropped into LUSH the other half kindly got me some soap and we picked up a load of samples..(now in the other half's possession).. anyway I managed to hang onto the important one!! Lemony flutter..Divine, is super thick..I am going to try it out..its pretty pricey..I think around £6 for 30g of product, but I hear a little goes a longggg lets see how that goes!! The soap is Sandstone... apparently will give me the butt of a Brazilian..that sold the other half, done!
Also was gifted with this looovely new storage box, clear with snappy top..and cute..and just £1 it! You can see the bigger clear boxes underneath which hold the rest, I have 2 of these now and this new lil one, hurrah... I could show you all the storage/polish but guess my tiny collection is kinda comment if you want to see I will photograph it all!

Anyways TTFN lovelies xoxox


  1. I want to see it ALL muahaha. My Lemony Flutter has lasted me ages. I've had it about 3 months now and it's not even half empty!

  2. Your nails are so gorgeous! I love that Barry M colour!
    Ah, see, in my part of Britain the weather was lush today :) Really hot - just the way I like it!

  3. Thanks hunny..LOL

    Guess I better photograph my stash

  4. Love the color on you! Also - seriously jealous of your storage! I'm working with shoe boxes at the moment. Must fix.

  5. Love this color on you!! Love the past few colors on you too!! You are going to need more storage than that!! :-) Your restore will come and you will be one happy camper again! Stay strong!! Hold on!! :-)

  6. Paige..hehe that is one sitting on top of 2 giant ones LOLLL its a mini one...

    still no planes :-(