Saturday, 17 April 2010

....Dirty sexy money...(the Misa kind)

I love love love this..the first two pics are most true to colour, its a dusky teal...gorgeous!!
Smooth application, could of easily been done in 1 coat, but settled for two coats, this is without I am waiting on Seche Restore at the mo... I am finding though that they stay on no problem, its just nice to have shiney nails..and the tipwear is less with topcoat for sure. Saying this Charity ball stayed on no problem with no chips!...cant say I miss shrinkage, gummy fingers and streaks...fingers crossed the thinner should turn up by next weekend!
Back to the Misa.. love it..gorgeous bottle, formulation, brush... Droool! Cant wait to try Green with envy as I have wanted it for soooo long !!
I am mega busy with studying at the moment, so sorry if I haven't had a chance to check comments and all... I have been working all day finally got a chance to post before unwinding!! Will be back to normal soon just have a huge deadline for an my butt off!!
Anyways TTFN xoxoxo

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