Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wee..I like winning things lol

Honestly this is the first competition I have won in 23 years lol

I had been lusting over Misa Green with envy after seeing Miss Chevious sporting it on wow I am over the moon!!

Also threw in this super lovely holographic sparkly topcoat..what a beauty!!

My first Misa polishes, very very exciting! Anyway had to share the lovelyness.. I am feeling a green weekend comin on!

Thanks to the lovelies at My Lucid Bubble...chuffed with my prize :)
Ooo on the topic of competitions...dont forget, mine closes Tuesday 20th April
Bloom Bianca, Marks mini set & H&M polish are up for grabs
My lovely other half will be picking the names out of a hat, bowl or PG Tips just to be fair!!


  1. congratulations hun, I like the colour that you're holding x

  2. Congrats! All three look beautiful. :)

  3. You won some beautiful, gorgeous polishes!!! Congrats!! I watch miss chevious too on youtube :)

  4. I'm tagging you :)