Wednesday, 7 April 2010

weee I love nail mail.. NOTD Sinful Green ocean

NOTD: Avon Twilight blue topped with Sinful green ocean - which I got in the mail last week..wee gorgeous mermaid green flakie!

More post came lovely package CC Charity Ball and two striper paints..weee.. Thank you A :)

haha I need some practise with the striping brushes LOL

I am already in love with Charity Ball in the looks beautiful...anyway more mani's to come!!

So far my nails are not suffering on the size 0 bride diet LOL.. infact they are growing like little weeds!! lol

Anyways TTFN hunnies xx


  1. Your nails look fabulous!! Just fabulous!!
    Packing up your first set of goodies! TTFN? What does that mean?

  2. Ta ta for now! Its a british thing lol

  3. Awesome! This combo is so hot!

  4. Looks the combo. Girl, your nails grow fast!!!