Tuesday, 6 April 2010

HOT Knockout red!

17 Fast Forward line in Knockout red

This promised 1 coat colour that dries in 60 seconds...err dry yes.. 1 coat nope lol this is 3

My other half got me this and my first H&M polish today....oh and one for the contest..but you will see that one below!! we went ring shopping today v v very excited, but its gone to be resized, so you guys will have to wait to see my pretty!!

Lovely red... £2.99 ...not bad at all

unfortunately remnants of seche vite have ruined it entirely.. its lumpy and bumpy finish..should of left it sans topcoat lol...I must get a new one...but the pricetag is putting me off big time! Considering trying SH Insta-dry- anyone share their experiences or recc me another??

Anyways TTFN xoxox

1 comment:

  1. you can try OPI or china glaze nail polishes, they're brill too.
    the red looks really good :)
    <3 huong