Wednesday, 14 April 2010

What was meant to be last nights post...stupid battery!

My camera battery decided to die last night, I felt rough and couldnt sit up anymore get the pics today instead lol

Not been out of bed long, yes its 8pm here in the UK, am off to docs in the morning...tree pollen has a lot to answer for and stupid sinuses playing apologies if my posts are short for a few days!!

1st Sponge nail art in green

Using various, Sinful, claires, No7 and err piggy paints!
Quick, easy and fun...kinda like this!

2nd Rimmel Celebrity bash

This one I got from poundland.. really like this, is very similar to Nails Inc Victoria. My mum is now looking after this one for me...hehe.. got her into Nails inc!

Not bad for £1! ..a little patchy..but overall good and glossy (although I cant say the gloss or richness compares to that of Victoria!!)

NB - I take this all back, after just washing my hands and steaming my head...err..its shrunk back a good 5mm...FAIL!

3rd Orly First Kiss

recieved in a swap, on swatches on google it looks brighter..on me its pale indeed. hmm I know I can find a use for it, think maybe base before water marble..or one coat may work just for a clean sheer look

erm this is 3 coats

Tried a bit of jazzing up, half black..hmm...nope lol
I am gonna keep playing with this one
Anyways.. back to duvet for me
TTFN xoxo

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  1. Haha.. I was going to comment and say that I liked the half black!

    Also - the sponge art is SO COOL. I've been thinking about trying something like that in the near future, but I gotta wait for my nails to grow out a bit longer, I think.