Thursday, 29 April 2010

Claires...neon orange

UK Claires does not label their looks like neon orange to me LOL
Finally got my seche +restore in the mail...YIPEEE I managed a lovely mani before bed, no sheet marks..loooovely!!
The other half picked up Essie Steel-ing the looks gorgeous..going to try it over the weekend!
Waiting on a few packages atm, guess there is backlog from the disruption still, and no mail again with bank holiday...fingers crossed it all comes today!!
I am full of some horrible virus right now so sorry for short post, got a raging temperature and sore off to the office!!
On the plus side its boiling hot here at the like summertime lol..getting my feet out today for the first time since err last July!!
Am wondering if I need Dreamsickle...anyone know if its still about stateside??
TTFN xoxxo


  1. This looks beautiful on you!
    I can't wear orange and it just isn't fair!

  2. orange is your color!! It's hawt on you girl!!! I have a claires neon orange and mind is called Flames. Get well soon, hun :)

  3. Wow that suits you real great! I love your nails btw.....they look just awesome.
    And get well soon indeed!
    Take care.

  4. You pull this off so well! It hasn't been hot up in the West Mids's rained non stop since this morning!

  5. Hi,
    With this color, I find your nails absolutely fantastics !!
    great ^^

  6. Thanks hunny :-)

    I loveee orange