Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Playing catchup...

Quick catch-up post, been dealing with silly allergies etc... hoping the worst is over, touch wood!! tree pollen is not my friend this year!
1st is NYC Purple pizazz with a little nail art on pointer finger
2nd is OPI do you lilac it... I think I may be allergic to this one..for now.. will be keeping clear of OPI for a while!!

Anyway I have been lax...the MUA nailgods will be after me..so promise fresh mani soon!! Thank you so so much all my new followers, so chuffed :-)
Dont forget the competition...and now extra brand new Bloom Bianca thrown in!
TTFN xoxox


  1. Love the mani, hope your allergies soon get better!

  2. R, Your mani's are beautiful! I love purple polish all shades :) I hope you fell better!!

    Me wants Bloom Bianca :)


  3. *pushes rmc out of the way* Bloom Bianca is MINE!! Great mani's as always hon. Sorry the allergies are keeping you down, hopefully the worst is over for you. Your biotin seems to be working quite well!! :-)


  4. I've read about your allergy on MUA! Hope you're feeling better, it sounded scary!

    That NYC polish is gorgeous :-)