Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Chg Mango Madness...

Madness is right lol sooo glittery, gorgeous, this is two coats..love it...and nearly smooth sans topcoat, hurrah! After seeing swatches saying four coats and even five I thought the jelly base would be very sheer, but its fairly pigmented, doesn't need layering over anything.

Since you guys wanted to see my storage..here goes..

Top layer, new stuff + Nail art stuff

Middle - cotton wool, emergency cutex polish remover

Bottom- all used, majority of collection

That's pretty much it bar my Nails inc which I keep out on my vanity!..oh and topcoat/creams

So so shattered at the moment with work and university work..looking forward to some relaxing time once this assignment is done!!

Oo nearly forgot I am currently trying non-acetone remover..yes you heard me lol I do think there is a marked improvement in my nails..well they feel less dry, so shall see how it goes!!

Anyways TTFN xoxoxxo


  1. can you update us on how difficult it was to remove this nail polish?

    I hate buying glitter nail polish because it is so hard to remove....but I love love love glitter.

  2. Was okay to come off to be honest, I used felt + Acetone

    Probably foil would of been easier! but it wasnt any hassle.. some have been a real Pain in the behind!