Saturday, 26 June 2010

HOT And Not so much...

A quickie post.. yes I may be procrastinating slightly lol... so much to do right now, breaking it down into little tasks!

Anyhoo... HOT AND NOT for June (since its nearly over)


Vampire wrong..but so right!

The return of The Hills ...yes yes..the shame LOL... I don't think its meant to be so hilarious!

Giant rings.. I have gone a bit ring mad.. when you can get them for under £2 .. loving costume jewellery

Embracing "glowy" skin.. normally I am a full coverage, matte as a I can get it ...kind of gal..but I am giving this whole..illuminated look a go... so far not so bad....Liking the coverage from the Maybelline Dream satin liquid.. I am getting used to the look!(still gasp a bit when I see my face in the mirror!)

My Primark grey Blazer(with coral lining I may add!).. all winter I didn't wear it, now am getting loads of use out of it!!

Jeggings... how did I ever live without these.. I HATE these are perfect :-)


It being SOOO HOT.. 20 is my limit..seriously.. 30 is TOO much (praying for rain)

England football squad..nuff said!

All these offers, sales and codes when I am saving...waaah!!

Missing is now at 7 weeks missing, pweeease turn up!!

Hairy backs (no...not mine lol)

Studying.. I cant concentrate..I have stacks of it.. argg.. zzzz

That's all for now lovies


Thursday, 24 June 2010

...a lil break!!

Gonna be a bit slow on the posting front for the next fornight guys, so sorry in advance!!

Got a shedload of work to do my for my degree... I totally need to the jobs I am going for mean basically a 1st is essential...EEEK!! When I am not studying I will be vegging out big time LOL

Anyhoooo.. I will be back soon lovelies xoxox


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Etude house... glass flecked racing green

For the purposes of this post.. I shall call it glass flecked racing eyes are NOT good enough to read the weeny label LOL

This is two coats, dried super fast...the shimmer is just gorgeous in it... was another one that came in my prize looty. Really nice..may have to hunt some more on evilbay, have seen some gorgeous holo's this brand do....Mmmm droolie

Managed to get outside to photograph this one, wow it is HOTTT here today..too hot for little old me lol

Just a quickie... soo much study to do...blaah!

TTFN lovelies xoxoxo

I heart Poundland...

My dad sent me some pennies for my birthday, I have been hanging onto it! I stopped in to just get some cotton wool...and alas...loads of Sally Hansen...weee .. I love Sally hansen especially the Hard as nails, Maximum growth and New lengths one..the older the better!!!

Weee... amazing , considering on ebay they would of cost $1.99 (The SALON line more like $3.99)plus another $3.50 postage, I got a right bargain

These are
SALON -Shooting star
New Lengths - Mauve Marathon
HARD AS NAILS Xtreme wear - Hot Yellow
Maximum Growth - Orchid

Chuffed with this little lot!! Cant remember the last time I bought 4 at once, but they are presents - so thanks Dad!!

Uk gals..don't underestimate a good rummage in Poundland..its not all crusty old Revlons!!

Etude house polish coming up next...

TTFN lovelies xoxox

Monday, 21 June 2010

Too too Sheet masks n chitter chatter!

Sure you guys all understand those nights...when keeping upright is a challenge!! Have been chilling out, drinking tea... listening to music bits.. ashamed to say I found THIS...and I enjoyed it..the shame!!

Anyhoo a bit about the My Beauty Diary masks

I get mine from Evilbay for $9 plus FREE SHIPPING from Hong Kong, this is a pack of 5... you can get 10 for $15 with free shipping.. but I wanted to give them a good go first before buying loads!

They come in loads of varieties, really you need to pick one for your skin type or skin goals... I chose the White Pearl for lightening pigmentation, brightening skin.. and it does what it promises! Not only noticed my marks faded but skin smooth, blackheads vanished and cystic...GONE.. Any horrid under skin lurkers are vanished after this. I would say if you have SENSITIVE.. and I mean truly sensitive skin not to use the White Pearl (or Black pearl).

Here's a few of the types and what they are for:

  • Lavender mask - soothes sensitive skin, Contains Vit C, Arnica & St Johns wort - Claims to relieve stress and moisturise
  • Cooling mask -Witch hazel, arnica, Menthol,Peppermint & Callendula - Cools, soothes and nourishes skin
  • Sake yeast mask - Sake yeast, plant collagen -Whitening, firming and Moisturising
  • Apple mask - Smoothing, moisturising, improves appearance of pores- contains Hyaluronic acid
  • Red wine mask - Anti- ageing primarily
This gives you some idea, but there are OOOODLES..of types of these; Aloe, Chocolate, White rose & some limited edition ones also.. pretty much one for any skin problem/type

I got a Yogurt one to sample from my prize... think I will order the Aloe or Cooling ones next for when my skin needs a calm down... am so s chuffed with them. Think once a week treatment is plenty for these, same as any other mask or hardcore treatment!!

Now they can feel a bit claustrophobic at first being a sheet mask, you just place it on firmly..and lie back in the tub or wherever!! HA...Don't try to sit up..these are drenched in will get in your eyes and hurt like hell!!!Leave 15-30 minutes... remove and massage all the serum in. Following this slather on a rich face Voila, the next morning you will have skin of an angel!!

Bit of a rave... will have to reveal said fabulous skin after all this banter lol.. really am chuffed as I was thinking I would need to save for laser to get rid of one last acne scar...its nearly gone now!!

On an unrelated.. my BFF was on tele tonight on the 5 o clock show dancing with her awesome dance troupe Babybliss.. Well done Babe, you were sooo awesome!! You can check out some of their stuff here....if your into Bellydancing(which of course I am!!) :-)

Ooo.. I got my temporary foundation...till I am ready to go high end... Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Cocoa.. I am prrraaaying this does the claims to give an airbrushed appearance, and the reviews were good.. fingers crossed its good otherwise I will have to hibernate for four weeks LOL

That's all for now folks..time for bed!!



Sunday, 20 June 2010

..Just a few gifts...Lush & HK galore!

Just a few bits I got that were cutee..wont see my family(and BFF) till the end of the week so will get their pressie's then!!

My team had obviously been listening to my Hello Kitty droning lol.. A Surprise hello kitty box and bag lol so cute.. a little poster, all kinds of sweets and stickers... my law notes will now have hello kitty on lol

Mate from work got me Season 2 Diary of a call girl ( I heart Billie Piper) .. sooo chuffed, gonna have a wee watch of that one in bed tonight!

From my lovely hunny got some Lush bits and some make up.. Demon in the dark ..mmmm Peppermint and Clove, smells divine!! and finally my very own Lemony flutter, yay!! smells so good hello kitty wants some LOL - She came in the surprise box lol

Got a bit of a bumper week ahead, tonnes of legal research to do...arrg.. tearing my hair out already but was determined to have 1 relaxed weekend, not even pick up a pen!!

Wonder if any of you lovelies can help... am thinking am going to get SLEEK Creme to Powder foundation to tide me over for a month then going to invest in some decent foundation... Options so far - Bobbi Brown Long lasting foundation OR Oil free foundation OR Powder foundation... Nars Sheer Matte, Nars Sheer Glow OR MAC - Try the normal non-mineral ( I am SOO Scared of getting cystic acne from it though) ... any suggestions or reviews would be fab.. I have spent many hours trawling through reviews and...still confused!!

Whilst on the topic of skincare.. have been using the My Beauty Diary mask the White peal one and wow... my skin is improving so much, blackheads clearing and most important to me scars fading, HURRAH!! Well worth the £5!

Anyways, I need to scoot!

TTFN lovelies xoxo

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Birthday manicure

Well I finally went for Nubar Teal glitter, this is gorgeous!! Its wet, windy and overcast right now, so these were the best snaps I could get!

In the sunshine its insane!!!!

Weee having a lovely day so far, thanks for the emails & cards lovelies :-)

Will probably photograph goodies in the morning, but I did pick up some lovely trimmings...fancy doing some Japanese inspired nail gorgeous are these...Drooolies..cant wait to play with these!

Anyways... time for pampering and cocktails a plenty

TTFN lovelies xoxoxox

Friday, 18 June 2010

HT meets Baby's breath.... its angelic!

Yes... I saw this on MUA a few weeks back and it looked KICK ASS.. so... here we go..HT over white...I love love love it!

Had an awesome day at work today, came in to loads of cards and presents, so so sweet(thanks guys at work!!)!! I will photograph all the Hello kitty goodness and so forth tomorrow lol

Popped into Primarni(Primark to non-UK ers lol).. picked up this looovely ring, £1.50 ..bargain!! So many lush things in there, may pop back!! Also got a jegging stretchy mini skirt... lovely £4!!..I do think their sizing is a bit off though...hmm.. I would say I am a large 8 on the bottom (US 4) ... But I always need an 8 in there..10 means baggy knee syndrome(Some friends may say this is my small knee syndrome rather than the clothes!)... perhaps they are vanity sizing LOL I think so!!

Thats all for now lovelies

TTFN xxoxox

Thursday, 17 June 2010

I've been tagged

Thanks so much A .. check out her fabulous blog

So I am meant to tag 5.. this is hard as my all my twittery buddies were already tagged!!


Nails by Rachel


Short n Chic

The Allure House

...and then tell you 5 fun facts.... LOL

1. I LOVE Marmite

2. I enjoy tweeting a little too much... you need it :P

3. I have a thing about tights, footless, seamed... tights... pretty much wear them every work day!

4. I adore TEA - am the proud owner of 1 giant tea pot and some little glass on my to try list is Matcha tea...oh and some glass teacups and saucers...Droooolie

5. Being a true South Londonder..I love London, I love the pigeons, I love the hot & stifling tube..I love the dirty streets..I love OXFORD Street (especially Primark!)

TTFN lovelies xoxox

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

.... white white baby

essie's Baby's breath... mmmmm squishy and white = WIN

I am fairly new to Essie, before today I had only two - Lollipop & Steel-ing the scene.. this one as a much better formula, dried fast and was nearly a 1 coater ... Okay so all whites are hard to work with...but this isn't bad, 2 coats... have yet to clean up (yes I know I know..bad me!!)

Really love the look of this on..oooo ... I am NOT going to ruin it attempting an England mani lol this is pure, innocent and just...well perfect for Summer. Thought this would be meeting appropriate too for tomorrow!

I have so many new goodies to play with thanks to winning that fabulous prize... am gonna have a battle for deciding on my next mani!!

I really AM going to have an early night tonight...remind me if you see me on twitter past my bedtime

TTFN Lovelies xoxox

Prizes rock...woooohoo

Yes the lovely post fairy.. (thank you Mick) went and got my am amazed how fast this came, was convinced it could not be my prize so fast!! A HUGE Thank you to happyberrynaid for this fabulous prize :-)

This prize came in two gorgeous boxes, and well...just so so generous!! wow

Weee my first Nubar...wee omg.. Rockstar Overdose is INSANE!!! ..and..OPI Funky Dunky wee.. wanted some of the shrek collection, looks lush!!!

Lots of gorgeous Asian brands, my favourite the Etude house & Face shop polishes are just out of this world!!!

Polish, rhinestones, all sorts of nail art, body glitter, a mini nailcare set(My fiance had to nab the mini clippers) and... omggg My Beauty Diary Mask - yoghurt. Yay!! I am in love with the pearl powder I cant wait to try this one

Also today came some wee nail mail, thank you N sweetie, this is my first Zoya!! Here they retail for the same as OPI or bit of a no-no for me, so thank you so much hun! I have nothing like these...they look gorgeous though!

Weee its starting to feel very much like a b-day week, one soddin meeting tomorrow then I can really kick back and relaxxx!!

I really should do my nails...but I am feeling lazy..project 00 combined with studying is making me less than energetic!!

TTFN lovelies xoxoxox

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Wild thing...

Mmmm Wild thing... hot neon red...delish!! This boasts to be XXXL Shiney..well my seche certainly is (and now is full of neon red HA!)

I think I took enough pictures to capture this little lovely...droolie

Getting used to my new short nails.. comfy actually and nice for a wee change :-)

Need to decide on my bday mani for Saturday......have been saving ULTA Bombshell for a special occasion..think that will suit very well!!! Open to other suggestions mind!! ... my lack of felt right now is putting me off glitter.. I nearly cried trying to get rhinestones off from Sundays mani(finally resorted to metal scrapey thing..not a good idea)..LOL

Am megaaa tired and loosing my voice, bed becons!so thats all folks!

TTFN xoxox

Wee nail mail from Germany

Weeeee first European swap!

Thanks sooo much K!! I am a complete tea was very pleased to find some lovely smelling fruit tea(and cute wee sweets)!!

Polish is
Wet n Wild Black creme
Essence Wild thing
Essence in the Jungle

My mum has been looking for a dark green...she fancied the Nails inc one..but not so much the pricetag!! I am going to keep this one for her(although I am tempted to swatch it :p)

Weee so exciting, hopefully get my other package tomorrow..not too sure what is though LOL

Love Essence..well any European brands I cant get my mitts on really, next on my wishlist is Catrice.. drooooolie!

TTFN lovelies xoxox

Monday, 14 June 2010

Dont you just hate....those red royal mail notes!!

yes..those ones..those...RED Royal mail notes.... arrrg I could scream!! Sorry you were out!! are you kidding me!!!! ... the sorting office is a zillion miles away lol... I am going to have to beg my darling postie fairy to go get it for me!(Pleaseee Mick..I will pay in cake...)

I am also at a loss as to who this package is from...hmm... hopefully get it by Wednesday! oooo hopefully a nice pressie :-) be worth the wait!!

Anyhoo.. I did do some wee franenkening... "Jelly baby" .. squishy pink.. frankened this one with a kids polish I got from my friends daughter, she brought me two of these, what a sweetie!!!..of course we talked Hello kitty & Rainbow nails (holographic)... lol

Simple clear with this added in, the shimmer really shows through..just gorgeous..its a bit grim and grey right now for swatching..hence the dark mani..but you can see how gorgeous it it!

Ooo these also came, early bday pressies.. My Beauty Diary Pearl mask...I am praying this sorts my stupid acne scars..pleassseee.. right now I will try anything bar lasers..and even that is becoming an option!!

Anyways lovelies.. this is meant to be a relaxed pre bday week..however I have meetings, 101 bits of EU law to get through, an essay to write..oh and the house to clean....zzzzz .....

TTFN oxoxox