Monday, 14 June 2010

Dont you just hate....those red royal mail notes!!

yes..those ones..those...RED Royal mail notes.... arrrg I could scream!! Sorry you were out!! are you kidding me!!!! ... the sorting office is a zillion miles away lol... I am going to have to beg my darling postie fairy to go get it for me!(Pleaseee Mick..I will pay in cake...)

I am also at a loss as to who this package is from...hmm... hopefully get it by Wednesday! oooo hopefully a nice pressie :-) be worth the wait!!

Anyhoo.. I did do some wee franenkening... "Jelly baby" .. squishy pink.. frankened this one with a kids polish I got from my friends daughter, she brought me two of these, what a sweetie!!!..of course we talked Hello kitty & Rainbow nails (holographic)... lol

Simple clear with this added in, the shimmer really shows through..just gorgeous..its a bit grim and grey right now for swatching..hence the dark mani..but you can see how gorgeous it it!

Ooo these also came, early bday pressies.. My Beauty Diary Pearl mask...I am praying this sorts my stupid acne scars..pleassseee.. right now I will try anything bar lasers..and even that is becoming an option!!

Anyways lovelies.. this is meant to be a relaxed pre bday week..however I have meetings, 101 bits of EU law to get through, an essay to write..oh and the house to clean....zzzzz .....

TTFN oxoxox



    Seriously, I got a little set of those FF colours from boots, and they are uber cute. Jelly Baby was included and DAMN it's one of the best cheap hot pinks I've tried...I reviewed it here:

  2. Those notes from he postman in the Netherlands are white with orange...ffing hate them. Can totally relate to your story.