Saturday, 5 June 2010

Collection 2000 BMX Bandit

Natural dim light

Outside shady sunshine

I have wanted this one for err like a year, what took me so long lol You can get them at Superdrug or Boots, currently Boots has 3 for 2, they retail at £1.79 ... Pretty much the cheapest polish you can buy in the UK (bar Poundland)

This is 2 coats , applied smoothly, is thick and very pigmented- 1 Coat would of done, but I like 2 at least!

I have on:

1 coat NQ
1 coat Barielle Thickener
2 coats BMX Bandit
1 coat seche

Lovely.. very summery.. reminds me of Nails Inc Duke street but AMPED UP!! - I prefer this one to Duke St...and that's saying something!!

Such a rich periwinkle colour, its just beautiful....and it likes the SV..No shrinkage or anything

That's all for today folks!!

TTFN xoxo


  1. I knew those colours would look gorgeous on you :D Have you tried Poundland's nail varnish? I've seen their new range (foundation etc, probably not in colours that would suit my dark skin) on the internet but I don't have one near me...

  2. They sell Rimmel, Sally hansen treatments etc..I do tend to get odd bits to add onto Swaps and stuff :)

  3. i love this color! you sent it to me! i need to wear it! i want a month where i didn't have to do anything but swatch! please! thankyou!

  4. Thanks hunnies

    :) J I never which means changing my nails every day normally to blog a decent amount!!

    I want one of those months too lol my brain is frazzled with studying lol ..;) I can hope for both of us :)

  5. Pretty colour but I'm off cremes for good.
    Your nails are looking fabulous.

  6. Thanks hun :) I took them down a touch..might do a bit worried lovely mail will turn up and they wont look as nice!!

    I'm a creme a holic :P