Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I heart Poundland...

My dad sent me some pennies for my birthday, I have been hanging onto it! I stopped in to just get some cotton wool...and alas...loads of Sally Hansen...weee .. I love Sally hansen especially the Hard as nails, Maximum growth and New lengths one..the older the better!!!

Weee... amazing , considering on ebay they would of cost $1.99 (The SALON line more like $3.99)plus another $3.50 postage, I got a right bargain

These are
SALON -Shooting star
New Lengths - Mauve Marathon
HARD AS NAILS Xtreme wear - Hot Yellow
Maximum Growth - Orchid

Chuffed with this little lot!! Cant remember the last time I bought 4 at once, but they are presents - so thanks Dad!!

Uk gals..don't underestimate a good rummage in Poundland..its not all crusty old Revlons!!

Etude house polish coming up next...

TTFN lovelies xoxox


  1. You dissin' Revlon, lady? WHY?

    I looked in £Land this very day and they didn't have any of this!!
    You lucky person. I shall persevere.

  2. Nice one! I need to have more of a rummage in my poundland, it's generally all Revlon's and some Rimmel...

  3. hahaha nothing wrong with Revlon..but you know the manky looking sheers you find lurking in there LOL

  4. shooting stars looks gorgeous- I'm such a sucker for gunmetal blacks ^^

  5. You are still the champion of Poundland-rummaging!