Sunday, 20 June 2010

..Just a few gifts...Lush & HK galore!

Just a few bits I got that were cutee..wont see my family(and BFF) till the end of the week so will get their pressie's then!!

My team had obviously been listening to my Hello Kitty droning lol.. A Surprise hello kitty box and bag lol so cute.. a little poster, all kinds of sweets and stickers... my law notes will now have hello kitty on lol

Mate from work got me Season 2 Diary of a call girl ( I heart Billie Piper) .. sooo chuffed, gonna have a wee watch of that one in bed tonight!

From my lovely hunny got some Lush bits and some make up.. Demon in the dark ..mmmm Peppermint and Clove, smells divine!! and finally my very own Lemony flutter, yay!! smells so good hello kitty wants some LOL - She came in the surprise box lol

Got a bit of a bumper week ahead, tonnes of legal research to do...arrg.. tearing my hair out already but was determined to have 1 relaxed weekend, not even pick up a pen!!

Wonder if any of you lovelies can help... am thinking am going to get SLEEK Creme to Powder foundation to tide me over for a month then going to invest in some decent foundation... Options so far - Bobbi Brown Long lasting foundation OR Oil free foundation OR Powder foundation... Nars Sheer Matte, Nars Sheer Glow OR MAC - Try the normal non-mineral ( I am SOO Scared of getting cystic acne from it though) ... any suggestions or reviews would be fab.. I have spent many hours trawling through reviews and...still confused!!

Whilst on the topic of skincare.. have been using the My Beauty Diary mask the White peal one and wow... my skin is improving so much, blackheads clearing and most important to me scars fading, HURRAH!! Well worth the £5!

Anyways, I need to scoot!

TTFN lovelies xoxo


  1. aww cute haul.
    :o how much did you get the MBD masks for?

  2. £5 for 5 or 6.. let me check!!

  3. I've been using Maybeline dream matte mousse for last couple of years and I really like it. If your skins a bit dry use moisturizer underneath :)

  4. Lush is awesome! Let us know how you like it!

    On the foundation - well, I used the Sleek Creme to Powder foundation and it just doesn't work for me. I find it difficult to apply and blend and it feels a tad like plastic...(obv. that might be just me, you might get along fine with it) the powder foundations you listed look like good options. I've just bought this Max Factor mineral one which is quite awesome, buildable and light. Good luck choosing one!

  5. What is this Felony Mutter?
    Everyone seems to rave about it!

  6. I find the Sleek Creme to powder CACKA... but I need something..speedy and cheap LOL

    Mmm maybe I get the Dream Moouse, I have used that one before- thanks vegesauras!! Reminded me..thats good with a kabuki brush

    Jaljen... its devine.. gives you heavenly cuticles overnight, you only need a tiny teeny scraping.. tiny pot will last agesss!

  7. i really really want to try the NARS sheer glow! and those face masks sound super interesting!

  8. Could you do a review of that face mask you talked about? xxx

  9. of course yeah, I have a yoghurt variety will review that one also :-)