Friday, 4 June 2010

Collection 2000 and Skincare Saturday segment!


This week has been a bit apologies for lack of posts!

Firstly two polishes from Collection 2000 - these are drugstore polishes, available at Boots & Superdrug, currently on offer 3 for 2 across many lines at Boots + POINTS!! win!

Dark Indigo is Parma violet, the periwinkle is BMX Bandit.. I have wanted the latter for agges..even bought it for friends..but somehow not for myself lol Loving these, the Parma violet is a brand new thinking water marbelling with these two would be insane!

Anyooo... will be doing from now on Skincare Saturday segment, reviewing some products, any new stuff on the market..bla bla bla..I can moan about my skin instead of my nails for a change lol Any suggestions/ requests be most welcome!! I am super into Japanese skincare right now... would be so chuffed if anyone knows good places to get stuff, or even wants to swap for some British bits.. I need masks and cleansing oils!!

Comment with any suggestions for Skincare Saturday :)

That's all folks.. I need a full mani..which is so not happening tonight!! - I may do a products used for manicure/ how I do my weekly manicure post over the weekend

Watch this space




  1. Amazing colours.

  2. I've never seen that brand but they look so pretty. Can't wait to see them on you.

  3. Ah, I saw this brand only yesterday in Superdrugs! Should have picked a couple up...but the colours were like red and yellow, and I was on a budget so just got the MUA colours :P I'm sure these will look great on you though!

  4. I am going to post something about exfoliation which, do you not agree, is the essential precursor to soft skin.
    So - maintain a state of alertness.

  5. Susie.. if you like the swatches just drop me a line

    aww.. Boots- 3 for 2 hunny..better deal..and pointss

    Jaljen LOL I use the Olay microdemobrasion towels..I will keep my eyes peeled :P