Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Wild thing...

Mmmm Wild thing... hot neon red...delish!! This boasts to be XXXL Shiney..well my seche certainly is (and now is full of neon red HA!)

I think I took enough pictures to capture this little lovely...droolie

Getting used to my new short nails.. comfy actually and nice for a wee change :-)

Need to decide on my bday mani for Saturday......have been saving ULTA Bombshell for a special occasion..think that will suit very well!!! Open to other suggestions mind!! ... my lack of felt right now is putting me off glitter.. I nearly cried trying to get rhinestones off from Sundays mani(finally resorted to metal scrapey thing..not a good idea)..LOL

Am megaaa tired and loosing my voice, bed becons!so thats all folks!

TTFN xoxox


  1. Suits you, that colour. Those nails are short??
    I looked at them and thought: Rebekah said they were getting a bit long and she hasn't cut them yet...

    But you have? God, they DO grow like weeds, don't they? (Your words not mine!!)

  2. lol thats as short as I can bear to take them down!!! I may let the OPI manicurist take them down more...want them super square..they are resisting!!

    I think it must be the sunshine... not even taking my Biotin right now!!