Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Prizes rock...woooohoo

Yes the lovely post fairy.. (thank you Mick) went and got my am amazed how fast this came, was convinced it could not be my prize so fast!! A HUGE Thank you to happyberrynaid for this fabulous prize :-)

This prize came in two gorgeous boxes, and well...just so so generous!! wow

Weee my first Nubar...wee omg.. Rockstar Overdose is INSANE!!! ..and..OPI Funky Dunky wee.. wanted some of the shrek collection, looks lush!!!

Lots of gorgeous Asian brands, my favourite the Etude house & Face shop polishes are just out of this world!!!

Polish, rhinestones, all sorts of nail art, body glitter, a mini nailcare set(My fiance had to nab the mini clippers) and... omggg My Beauty Diary Mask - yoghurt. Yay!! I am in love with the pearl powder I cant wait to try this one

Also today came some wee nail mail, thank you N sweetie, this is my first Zoya!! Here they retail for the same as OPI or bit of a no-no for me, so thank you so much hun! I have nothing like these...they look gorgeous though!

Weee its starting to feel very much like a b-day week, one soddin meeting tomorrow then I can really kick back and relaxxx!!

I really should do my nails...but I am feeling lazy..project 00 combined with studying is making me less than energetic!!

TTFN lovelies xoxoxox

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