Saturday, 12 June 2010

Neon nails.. Models own Bubblegum meets Sunny side up!

Yes a girl can get a lot done whilst the footy is on lol

Simple nail art, Bubblegum is the base - this is highlighter pink, SO Neon, its hard to capture..but gorgeous!

2 coats of this, used WnW Sunny side up to stripe diagonally, this is very pigmented so ideal, opaque in one stripe

Went in afterwards and placed some rhinestones - from a set I got at poundland - placed in wet polish and topped with lashings of SV

Easy peasy!

TTFN guys xoxox


  1. I love those pinks and oranges together.

  2. totally fun! i never would have thought of this but looks awesome on you!

  3. love this combo. now i want to chew citrus flavored bubblegum, oh no!