Saturday, 12 June 2010

... Yes I love Hello Kitty... I am not ashamed

Yes I love a bit of Hello kitty ... I have no problem going in Claire's to drool at all the stuff lol...

H&M have a Hello Kitty line..all sorts now, I dropped in to find more make up bags, shower gels, little trinkets last POLISH! Wee... this one is Garden Green, its a bit of a pre-birthday pressie, is just gorgeous! Was £1.99, the others are between £1.50- £2 - There are two pinks

Was also looking at all the H&M polish... think I am gonna go for their white, keep seeing white nails..and it looks hot as.. hopefully I will get some b-day money and pop in there next weekend!

Anyhoo I got these wee fauxnad plates a week ago, finally photographing them. Were around £6 with free shipping, yay! Can you spot the little Hello Kitty! There are lots of sweet flowers, clover..err and a cute ladybird...sweet... Going to have a little practise with these then I shall do a full mani!! Wish me luck lol...freehand is easy compared to these LOL

Am watching the footy..and going to do a wee nail art in a will get that posted too at somepoint! Finally filed my nails down, they grow so fast, I know it wont more than 2 weeks to grow not too devestating!

TTFN lovelies xoxox


  1. Nice fauxnads! Where did you order them from? eBay or an etailer?

  2. Who doesn't love Hello Kitty?! I loved the MAC HK range when it came out!

  3. why can't i ever find deals like this? i can never find good fauxnads. i spent 89.99 on a 50 plate set and i don't like more than 4 of them!!!!!

  4. I will send you the details sweetie :)