Thursday, 17 June 2010

I've been tagged

Thanks so much A .. check out her fabulous blog

So I am meant to tag 5.. this is hard as my all my twittery buddies were already tagged!!


Nails by Rachel


Short n Chic

The Allure House

...and then tell you 5 fun facts.... LOL

1. I LOVE Marmite

2. I enjoy tweeting a little too much... you need it :P

3. I have a thing about tights, footless, seamed... tights... pretty much wear them every work day!

4. I adore TEA - am the proud owner of 1 giant tea pot and some little glass on my to try list is Matcha tea...oh and some glass teacups and saucers...Droooolie

5. Being a true South Londonder..I love London, I love the pigeons, I love the hot & stifling tube..I love the dirty streets..I love OXFORD Street (especially Primark!)

TTFN lovelies xoxox


  1. What is Matcha tea? Is it real tea? I have no truck with all that herbal sh!t masquerading as tea when it's actually just grass....
    Or the dreaded Earl Grey (small twigs frankly)...

  2. Is a type of Green tea I believe

    I dont drink brown tea lol